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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 16, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Evaluation of the contents in Library West - put together for the insurance man in Tallahassee - Rob and Barbara got it together: $160 million. Bullet dodged for the moment.
  2. Barbara is finishing a memo to Carol Walker about trying to get the rest of the money out of West. $775,000 is being held for the portico. We'll need to talk to the new Director to see what she wants to do. We're trying to get the money out, but a good portion may end up in carry forward.
  3. Pay increases to be effective at the beginning of pay period. UF HR is balking at all of the non-Library positions. They want to talk about it. Hopefully it will work out. Should know more by the end of the week.
  1. Prices on grants - new ones have to change their budgets - tied to pay raise adjustments.
  2. July 17 is the next big deadline - will change cost share adjustments.
  1. CCure - we are going to update the software and make sure we have a key override for every door as backup. We will be spending money on fixing the old system, backup keys and eventually, an entirely new system.
  2. Doors in West - Lionel system wiring problems, hardware problems.
  3. Alarm problems on doors after hours - has been corrected by Security One - it is a function of how fast it closes.
  4. Carrel repair - slowed down - need to install reinforcement bars. Repairs need to get back on track before the guy comes to fix the legs.
  5. Agotti vs. Semco - dictionary/Atlas stands for West.
  6. Emergency contact card updates underway.
  7. Staff by departments - request for info by Rob Roberts - HR has requested an active employee report from Bridges.
  1. Meeting with Erich today - working on spreadsheet for deadlines.
  2. Next year's mini-grants - meeting next month.
  1. Friday - CNS report on copyright infringements - one in West and one in MSL - downloading of the movie, "Rome" on public workstations. It was too late to pin down the culprit.
  2. Tape drive for backups - won't release tape, so can't do a full backup. Will reinstall it and if that doesn't fix it, we'll call Dell.
  3. Greenstone server - problem with one of the drives. Could be a Linux problem. Multiple patches have recently come out.
  4. 10. subnet no longer available - change in AFA complete.
  5. Time on Norstar phones in East is frozen. Facilities notified - they will create a ticket with Telecom. Estimates on VOIP in East: $35-40,000. Soft phones will now cost more than VOIP. Need to figure out what we're going to do.
  6. A number of orders have gone out.
  1. Erich will be out Wednesday-Friday.
  2. Laurie Taylor to start May 14.
  3. Gus' position will be posted soon.
  4. DLOC funds - not signed off - may have to spend. Rita wants to spend her grant money - timeline on contracts - not long. Need to do as soon as possible.
  5. Capital campaign - newspaper opening - expect to get a lot of demands - endowment funds.
  6. Problem - contract with FCLA - digital archiving - needs to be handled by DLC. Law Library has an oddly formatted tape - they can't find a vendor to read it.
  1. Re-class.
  2. Laurie Taylor hired in DLC.
  3. Asst/Associate - Gus' position a result of the re-class.
  1. Picnic - good turnout, great day, positive reception.
  2. Foundation - talk to Directors - Judy attended.
  3. Consideration for food policy - experimental policy this summer, maybe.


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