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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 17, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Agotti stuff - invoice - payment upon receipt: $100 grand. No final draw until everything is assembled. Agotti is doing the lounge seating.
  2. Lots of progress has been made on the outside of West.
  3. Bill was out the last three days of last week.
  1. Most everyone here has been elected to serve on the emergency planning meeting. We'll be getting together this week.
  2. Benefited visiting or OPS visiting faculty position is opening to cover the sabbatical of Suzanne Brown in Education. Salary will be based on the hourly rate of a starting faculty member. Dale's preference is that it be a benefited position. They already know who they want. It's a traveling spouse.
  3. Class Structure Review Committee - will be meeting. Email with links has been sent out. Will inquires how IT positions will be considered. We do not have free rein on positions outside the Libraries. This committee deals solely with positions unique to the Libraries: LTAs, etc. If the IT positions were to be reviewed, it would be outside of this committee. Any IT Folks' salary adjustments would have to be reviewed within the University standard. This would be the Systems staff only - not looking to restructure, but an increase to deserving folks. Per Bill: Library IT will not be looked at in terms of re-class until all the other Library re-class has been completed. Before the other Library positions are funded, they will look at IT. It is all within the same budgetary body.
  4. New proposed IT position: Public Services Technical Coordinator - supervising line should be Systems. Once we come up with the structure, it is unlikely that 75% IT will fit into the Library LTA description. Not IT - so, there will be a shake-out. Can't fix a few at once. All need to be priced out at the same time.
  5. HR Staff Training room in West - order to go out this week.
  1. Second quote for carpeting in Systems came in - cheaper than the first and better carpet. Barbara wants the quote so she can proceed with the order.
  2. We are in the process of finalizing port assignments in West.
  3. We are training on the AC in West.
  4. Student lockers have been installed.
  5. Access Services office supplies - tell Russ to put the order in and to add a tin box - unless Facilities has a safe.
  6. Mailroom - what equipment should it have - will take a look and order bins if needed.
  7. Additional signage required at ALF - numbers on top of signs. Street address and 'Deliveries Here' have been OK'd. Facilities will make them.
  8. Sensitizer/de-sensitizers - new ones wanted. We have old ones they are 'broken' out at ALF. Facilities to check out the actual condition of the items.
  1. Last week's Exchange outage - was reported at 7AM - updates ran which caused changes from months ago to take effect. Three services: Exchange Domain Service, Enterprise services & Services -have to remain in the user container. The server had to reboot after updates ran and in doing so, the server redid the registry. An error code in the log hinted to this - Will called Dell and the event lead us to finding out the fix.
  2. Request regarding the storage of property IDs - Bill Hanssen keeps Property IDs. Systems keeps only: WSID and SN. We need a copy of items surveyed out by Bill. Need to link this information.
  3. Library West equipment list - 15 quotes from Dell are in the works. Barbara would like the orders as soon as possible. We're waiting on Media Tech for the classroom quotes.
Business Services
  1. $13,041 received and paid - combined with 20 other items. $63.03 short.
  2. Several things for bid - the annunciator for MSL: $25,000. It appears to be the only thing you can buy that communicates with the rest. May buy two more later. They are like info kiosks. It is going to need a lot of feeds. There is one in Journalism.
  3. No permissions to buy microform readers - still pending.
  4. Will's stuff to go out today.
  5. Cathy won't need more money for binding.
  6. Dale is spending money as if she had it.
  7. Looking at May 17 to discontinue purchases. No, we will continue all routine purchases through June 1st. Need to get a list of deadlines from the comptroller's office.


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