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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 21, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. It's been pretty quiet. Bill Hanssen is out sick today.
  2. Glass replacement for Bill's office is ready. Need to schedule a time for installation.
  3. Gates - radio interference - not valid. Facilities to work on a beautification extension.
  4. West room 140 - will be cleaned out this week.
  5. Space inventory is due at the end of the month.
  6. Rob has his files on NT2 just about ready to move over to the new SAN server. He will let Logan and Amy know.
  7. There will be a meeting of all parties involved in the building of West on Wednesday to discuss the plumbing issue.
  1. Grants meeting today. Sam is going to try to make it. It will be Jim, Jan & Cathy's last meeting, as it is the end of their terms.
  2. Cynthia in Business Services is going to meet with Hikaru regarding her grant.
  1. AFA power situation? Any word? PPD said they would give Rob the keys. They have not. The power is a safety issue. Call Kramer now. An electrical inspector said they need to add power. This needs to be checked out. There is a scanner issue where HSS loaned AFA a scanner, but now they need it back. Power issue is affecting equipment.
  2. CJK - per David Hickey, there is no requirement to have the menu in a foreign language.
  3. Logan and Amy have been discussing the move of departmental and user folders from NT2R to the SAN with the various departments.
HR/Business Services
  1. Brian brought us an example of the bookmarks they will be passing out at Preview. It advertises student job opportunities at the Libraries.
  2. Christian Poehlmann is interviewing for the Electronic Resources Librarian position.
  3. HR is working on the Associate Dean of Technology position.
  4. HR vacant position - search committee is working on it. Should post next week.
  5. Monday, May 5 - meeting amongst HR/Business Services/Administration to discuss the processing and reporting of foundation money.
  6. Final estimate for extended hours: $5000.
  7. AV, wiring for domes for tabletops in West have been ordered.
  8. Development Officer position - 1st interviewee (Anton) to return to meet with the rest of the group and a second person is scheduled to interview.
  1. FCLA meeting today with the Florida Digital Archives people. The new version 1.5 software has doubled the through-put time. The meeting is to deal with the error messages that are generated. The errors were never noticed before - need to figure out how big the problem is. It may require a programming change. The National Digital Newspaper Project is generating errors. The reproduction we do for the Library of Congress is okay, but when we reproduce for ourselves, it creates errors.
  2. Outstanding labor problem - Cathy is letting go of an OPS non-student in Preservation who helps with DLC projects. We want to give FCLA the chance to automate the process instead of using email.
  1. Director's meeting - John Ingram was out, Sam was in & out. We discussed getting ready for extended hours. Budget meeting was moved to early May.
  2. Former Provost Janie Foust - applying for the chancellor position at LSU. The lack of a Provost affects the Libraries: who do we reports to?


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