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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 23, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. All of the FCLA money has been spent.
  2. We will start to distribute salary increases soon.
  3. 3rd quarter report is finished.
  4. Starting to make sure we are up-to-date for July.
  5. Write-off on ILL non-collectibles.
  6. Last quarter of the year items.
  7. No word from ARES people.
  8. UPS - will keep the balance until the end of June.
  9. Supply experiment - the large department spent all of their budget in 3 weeks. The small department did not spend anything. Both departments stated they did not want to do their own supplies at the beginning. This idea may have to be modified or dropped.
  1. Quote for the elevator lockout in East: $805.
  2. CCure software to be installed this week. A spare server will be ready to go. Need to know the hardware specs for the software. Rob will send them to Will.
  3. Door mods in East and MSL in process.
  4. Compact shelving in room 100: $2900.
  5. Mods to room 450: $6000. Need to email the quote to Bill and he will get John Ingram to sign off on it.
  6. Dictionary and Atlas stand ordered.
  7. Elevator signs in Braille: $397.
  8. Carrel repair - work has been restarted.
  9. Lighting on the artwork will be relocated.
  10. 2nd floor copier area outlets done.
  11. 3rd floor elevator signs in the stacks have been ripped off.
  12. Emergency contact cards are almost ready.
  13. Rob has a meeting with Fred Beatty at the UF mailroom.
  14. Biltmore - stairwell door - they are coming to fix it. Shea's Glass said it will always be a problem. Please write that up and give it to Bill.
  1. Trudi - mini-grant recap to be discussed in the next Town meeting.
  2. Requesting funding - meeting scheduled for 3 weeks from today. Deadline to be the end of September. Need to know the size of the pot.
  3. Certain campus windfalls may not be there next year - we'll see how it works out.
  1. Gov Connection folks won the contract for selling computers on campus. They will be making a presentation tomorrow in room 100.
  2. Server equipment - if Dell keeps dragging their feet, we may go with Gov Connections.
  3. Xerox - looking for documentation of problems - some wanted to create a new method of reporting - Amy suggested they we just stick with SYSHELP.
  4. Orders have been going out, but there are still a few big ones pending.
  5. Security - copyright violations with movie downloads.
  6. 1AM closing - the problem with students losing their work on the computers should be fixed.
  1. CopiBooks have been ordered.
  2. Lori Taylor should be starting May 14.
  3. Bay 2 and her area will need to be reconfigured.
  4. Grants - Baldwin - leftover indexing of the children's books.
  5. Caribbean - indexing Defoe books.
  6. Florida newspapers - trying to spend excess money - hope to hire Dolores Jenkins.
  7. DLC servers - backup.
  8. Erich out Thursday & Friday.
  1. HR got authorizations from Class & Comp on Thursday. Individual emails were sent out. 125 re-classed positions got through. 4 IT and 1 clerical position and 1 unique position - we are negotiating with Class & Comp.
  2. Brian is hosting information sessions in Room 100 regarding the re-class.
  3. Three interviews for HSS - Missy Shoop and two other candidates. Hope to have the position filled soon.
  4. Faculty Market Equity process - it is on the agenda for the Faculty Assembly Meeting. Brian attended the meeting, but that topic was put on hold until May.
  1. Friday - re-class - have done everything possible.
  2. SUS - FSU hired a high-powered technical librarian type - she recently posted on an email list in such a way to make it sound as though she quit her job. All of her emails are bouncing. This is pretty odd. Will cause a ripple effect.
  3. End of term - trash cans will be overflowing.
  4. Plumbing problems last week.
  5. VOIP in East - will cost an extra $30-40,000. We need CNS to be more reasonable.


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