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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 24, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Bankers boxes for staff to use for the move back to West - good for transporting files. Also need other boxes for the move. Both the boxes and a tentative move date will be discussed at this week's Library Council. We'll probably keep boxes available in the mailroom. Looks like we'll stick to June 1st for the kickoff date. No unit should take more than 2 days to move. May go in this order: Business Services, HR, Collection Management, HSSS.
  2. Big, long list of Library Goals - two pages worth, divide into three main groups.
  3. The leadership council went through the new building (West) - contained a variety of folks from the community. Everybody loved it. They were very impressed. It was a good litmus test.
  1. Brad and John Humphrey have been over to West for about four days learning the AC and lighting. We need to know how the building works so we'll be able to inform Physical Plant when necessary. It has a lot of sophisticated machines.
  2. Remodeling Systems - we're getting an updated quote on the asbestos removal. Set to begin August 1st. Will need to remove cubicle walls. Will store in rm 100. Systems will probably re-locate there during the project. Need extra power for the heaters required to remove the tiles.
  3. Interface signage - big, hanging signs for Reference. We have the program to make them.
  4. Port assignments - finishing the spreadsheet. Need to give to Russ Poole - CNS. Active ports for public workstations. Carrels will be wireless. Marvin and Leilani are the contacts for this.
  5. VOIP going into Education on May 1st.
  6. De-sensitizers - a few were damaged, but five were working. They are single units with a rocker switch for sensitizing/de-sensitizing. Need Rob to run a book test on each. Do we have one out at Butler Plaza? Unknown.
  7. Van meeting with Purchasing this Thursday.
  8. Meeting with Bill Sutherland Thursday.
  9. Shelving to be done by the end of June. Books and people will be moving at the same time. There will be functional workstations at both ends and the collection will be available.
  1. Retirement training - 9AM Wed - lead by John Martin from Benefits.
  2. Three of us at the table here today are involved with the Disaster Preparatory Group.
  3. Staff restructure - meetings ongoing. Archivists to be surveyed.
  4. Evelyn Anderson - meeting regarding her status.
  5. Faculty Senate Election was held - ballots counted on April 17 - Naomi Young was re-elected.
  6. It was proposed to the Provost that some tenure homes be shifted to DLC.
Business Services
  1. Cynthia McLean - new accountant hired for Business Services.
  2. Purchasing is still ongoing.
  3. Need four more computers with microform readers. He wants to install them on May 10. Carol has to confirm training on it. They can borrow the Library West one until it can be replaced. Need four for security equipment.
  4. Still having problems with the enunciator for MSL - they won't accept sole source. May have to bid it. May buy 3 of them.
  5. Erich has $100,000 sole source for one of his grants.
  6. Dale wants $100-$150,000 to book funds.
  7. Grace and Barbara will look at the remaining budget today - to see what's left.
  1. Request for a laptop to loan out for a sabbatical - Suzanne Brown. Should just go ahead and reserve the standard Toughbook. Will not purchase a new one.
  2. Most of the orders for West are either in process or have been ordered.
  3. Dell - quotes for all of the projection stuff are ready to go - in the queue. Lecterns have been ordered. Dell is working on some quotes.
  4. Image for the Imagebuilder program - have uploaded it to the site. Hopefully they can add them to the laptop order we've submitted.


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