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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 25, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Jill Skotko
  1. Will Chaney is unable to make the meeting due to the Exchange server outage. He tried to upgrade it from NT4 to Win2000 (due to a security vulnerability). Ran into problems, floppy drive stopped working - he is now trying to take it back to where it was to begin with. The old data is still there, it just won't install. No matter what, we will have to try to upgrade it eventually.
  2. Also had an outage in MSL over the weekend. CNS was trying to switch the configuration for VOIP. They ran into problems and the building was pretty much down for the day.
  1. Rob will be out Wednesday-Friday this week.
  2. Meeting with the electrical contractor this week.
  3. Library East southwest door should be installed tomorrow. There was a problem about not setting the reader between the doors. Will has a box for it ready to go out to ALF.
  4. Rob wants to paint the loading dock at MSL. They continue to have a problem with students parking there. Makes it very hard to deliver the mail. Want to paint it yellow with no parking/loading zone/tow away zone signs. Current signs are not heeded. Need to talk to the parking chief regarding enforcement and signs.
  5. Big bay window in ALF - need approval to get it tinted. Got an estimate for $325. Could do blinds, but they are generally expensive. Can't use mirrored or dark tint. Will check on the price of shade screens and mini blinds.
  6. Phones - will do VOIP in ALF stack area - got estimate from CNS. Regular cell phones won't work there. How long will it take to get it? ALF is on the wall plate model; VOIP is there.
  7. Facilities has been rearranging the seating in MSL. Has turned out to be a huge job. They want the noisy seating away from the quiet seating. They are making the fourth floor into the group study area. They'd like to put soft wall around it. Facilities has some left over from West. He could also build some panels, at a cost of $35 each. It is agreed that we should use what we've got and if we need more, we can buy it. Rob will look at what is on hand and try to use it in MSL.
  8. VOIP phone numbers - Rob got a block of 400 numbers. MSL wanted a block close to their current number. They've left blanks for growth on both sides of the block. 392-2500 will be the main line. Fax machines have to be on analog lines. There will be one analog line per floor. Could save money if departments use a shared fax line. Shared does not work. Faxes in place will continue to exist.
Human Resources
  1. Ergonomic evaluation in MSL - Serial Check-In, third floor - Paula Terrant has not ever had a desk since she started working here. She has been using a table. The space needs to be reconfigured to fit a desk in there. Need to put in a request to Facilities.
  2. Trudi is working with Martha on The Future of the Libraries presentation. Deadline is April 29.
  3. Marketing committee - Helen Jay Armstrong, Joe Aufmuth - Maps, GIS. Erich - DLC.
  4. The Directors have agreed to an all-town type meeting once a month. It would be a good idea to fold the marketing committee into it.
  5. Faculty/tenure - communication issues with the faculty - asked to form committee by Dale.
  6. Trudi is working on the convocation - getting a speaker, etc. Barbara suggests talking to Liberal Arts and Sciences. It will be a two-hour slot. Awards will be given at this same time.
  7. Jill has been trying to hire a Human Resources Head. It has not shown up in PeopleSoft yet. Human Resources time has not shown up in Bill's queue yet.
  8. Position in ILL is closing this week. There is also an LTA position open in that department.
  9. There is a senior LTA in Resource Services open and a half time position in Education.
  10. Faculty positions - ILL, DLC and East Asian Cataloguing (closes this week).
  11. The HR position will be posted for 3 weeks. A search committee has been appointed.
Business Services
  1. Barbara is looking for space in case we get tossed out of LAD and we don't want to use Law. We will have to pay for the space.
  2. Budget projection for the move - Barbara gave it to Dale.
  3. West security - $700,000 allotted, now $300,000 more is needed. If we change the fobs and keys, it will cost a lot.
  4. Need to find out about document delivery system - to and from LAD. 5-6 trips per day, currently. It is a concern. Continuation is a problem. There will be a 15% increase in charges for delivery between campus and ILL.
  5. Postage may be increasing to $.40. We spend $12,000 per year for postage.
  6. Phone costs should stay the same.
  7. Dale will submit the budget request to the Provost today. It is a solid looking report. Computer items for students are considered a luxury. The Provost should give us money to support it if he wants us to maintain what is nothing short of computer labs.
  8. OPS - need a count on how many students are Stadium OPS - and why.
Library Council
  1. Meeting went on for two days. It lasted for two and a half hours on Thursday and a number of hours on Friday. Try to get down the new structure. Scorecards are getting dropped. Mission statement (goals, etc.) - very broad. It is better this year.
  2. Strategic Support Team - Bill is the chair.


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