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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 28, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Erich Kesse, Amy Polk, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
HR/Business Services
  1. We have four positions currently posted. The Electronic Resource Librarian is scheduled to interview on Friday.
  2. Meeting with Tina and Kristy to decide on Jim Cusick's grant. He wants to create a grad assistantship. They want the history to set it up. We have to resolve the money issue.
  3. Janet Carlson met with Business services to discuss the issue with ATM machines. There has to be at least 4000 transactions per month. The law school had their machine broken into three times. There is no ATM on this side of campus - and there is a Starbucks here - which works to our favor. It would have to be inaccessible to people at night. We could put it in the lobby. It would be convenient. Grace is going to send her statistics.
  4. There is also a credit card issue with the Bookstore - they are exploring various avenues to accept money. This would also open up the use of cards in Library vending machines and for photocopying.
  1. Room 140 cleaned out and cleaned up. Just need to touch up the paint. It is ready to be used.
  2. 3M is scheduled to come out on May 2 to remove the gates. We don't know if the PO is ready, but they'll be here.
  3. Power domes have arrived. Awaiting plugs. Will start installing on Friday.
  4. Space allocation - done. Just a few changes.
  5. MSL 215 - security.
  6. New door in Access Services hallway. Mailed copy of PO.
  7. Working in-house to get the domes installed. We will also consider anchor points for patron computers.
  8. Purse snatched over the weekend. Found it in the bathroom garbage - everything was there except the cash.
  1. Logan and Amy have been meeting with departments to discuss folder transfer to the SAN. They are working on setting up permissions. Still need to speak with West Reference department.
  2. GovConnection laptops are still not here. Bill asks for the GovConnection contact info.
  1. Baldwin workstation - order outstanding. Needs to be purchased. Will is working on the quote.
  2. Jim's JP Anderson grant - Civil War collection.
  3. National Digital Newspaper collection - ends in May. Fed Ex invoices forthcoming. It will be sizeable.
  4. Retro Florida Newspaper - almost down - 11,000 images to pull to the vendor, and then we'll be done.
  5. Erich has a trip to Washington in May - will go to the Library of Congress to negotiate spending money for Caribbean. $80,000 scanner for each island nation. This will be a fact and cost finding mission.
  6. The second week in May, Erich will be going to Haiti. $50,000 for the Haitians. All the partners are to meet about the equipment purchase. This will be a photo-op situation. Next time (June), they'll probably want a Director along.
  7. Google - Judy, John, Stephanie & Erich met with them. Discussed what they want from us. Judy wants them to scan us and the Baldwin Collection. Non-disclosure agreement - we'll give you what you want if you do this. Erich to review it with Mark.
  8. Newsback is looking for our Latin American newspapers.
  9. The Russians are interested in using DLOC as a model.
  1. Current panic with fixing the leak at MSL - we've got a meeting with the planner, the architect and the engineer. Construction is slated to start in July. It should take 12-14 weeks. The plaza will have to be torn up. The area in front of the door will be affected. An alternate entrance will have to be devised. This will all be overlapping with the beginning of fall semester. It will disrupt the flow of traffic to the Reitz Union. It will affect the roof to Maps; that whole collection will need to move - it is very large and clunky. There are many details to be worked out. The construction alone is a million dollar project (not out of our pocket). The initial walk-through was on Thursday.
  2. Cork floors in West - removal/replacement to start on Friday, May 2. West will be closed to the public during that time.
  3. Plumbing in West should be addressed at the same time. There will be at least 2 weeks of jack hammering and bathroom closures. We are meeting this afternoon to determine who is at fault.
  4. Remote Storage - request to find money - trip to Tallahassee didn't happen. Realistically, there was no time. It is probably off the board for this year.


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