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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 30, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Last group on the inventory contents - $17 million for Special Collections has been added.
  2. Getting ready for payroll closing this week. Will send out an email as a reminder to look at management exceptions.
  3. We're working on the cell phones.
  4. Third quarter work, all Systems orders - FCLA money has all been spent.
  5. OPS - foreign students were left out of the OPS budget - that has been rectified.
  6. Erich is doing a study of glues as there was a request from Access Services to put barcodes on the outside of books. We tried it about a decade ago, but had problems with the glue. There is a request to purchase equipment to do the mechanical part. Erich will investigate the glue that will be used.
  1. Problems with the elevators - lockouts. 5th floor should be locked out at 5PM. It can be manipulated to open if you are on the way down from the 6th floor. This is a recurring problem.
  2. Work on door in Rm 1A East.
  3. Next will be West 450.
  4. Trash cans have been distributed.
  5. Starbucks has modified the dumpster pick-up during break week. In the summer it will be cut to three times per week. If it's overflowing, they will call for pickup.
  6. Lighting schedule - they went off a half hour early. John came in and fixed it. He had forgotten to do the weekend schedule.
  7. John is working with Peter and Bill on CCure. Need to have them set up to have access to CCure.
  1. Flo did not get the FC grant. Reason unknown.
  2. Jana Ronan got the UF Tech grant.
  3. Kelley is working on the summer newsletter. Meeting in two weeks from today.
  1. Will got active synch working for Windows mobile devices (PDAs). They will update as soon as they come through. The new Director is into portable devices - T Mobile.
  2. Talk in the AD community - requiring Active Synch users to enter a PIN number - effective in protecting patient data. AD would force a PIN number to access email. This is a big deal, but in the discussion stage only.
  3. Replacement workstations have shipped from Dell - they are on the way.
  4. There was a mail blimp on Saturday after Friday's outage. Lost for about 20 minutes. Friday's outage was a cluster problem - related to the anti-virus.
  1. Gus' position - looking at it later today.
  2. Prime Recognition quote - not back yet.
  3. Mark sent a message about the web cluster - UFDC goes completely offline. Will need to diagnose before moving anything.
  1. New feature for recruiting - on the Library staff web site - a button to register to receive announcements when a new job is announced. To be used for student assistant and OPS recruitment. Less so for faculty.
  2. HSS Librarian - 3rd interview - Michelle Rubino.
  3. Re-class - implementing this week. 120 pay increases, one pending USPS-TEAMS conversion.
  1. Question about department shift differential - will not be paid extra. All positions have been covered in the re-class.
  2. Getting ready for Tuesday - Judith Russell. We expect her to be in the office more than Dale.
  3. Synch to mobile devices - want that to be working.
  4. Upcoming ELUNA convention in Spearfish, South Dakota.


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