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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 2, 2005

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, Rob Roberts, Jill Skotko, Grace Strawn
  1. Major milestone construction meeting this week. Chicago people will be here to explain deadline problems.
  2. Library Task Surveys - to be handed out this week. Instruction sheet will be attached. It should not take a long time to fill out. There is no free-form field for comments. Can't promise that we won't have a more in-depth survey coming at a later date. We just want to get a notion about what people are doing in the course of a day.
HR - Trudi
  1. Trudi has been scheduling a lot of meetings for the whole year. Lots of tenure events and work with the College of Engineering, scheduling classrooms.
  2. Town Meeting - May 26. Whatever Directors show up, whatever people want to talk about: future of the Libraries, marketing. Need to roll as much as possible into the town meeting. Will have one town meeting per month.
  3. Dale wanted 3-4 cross-divisional meetings set up. We will roll these into the town meeting and post the info on the staff Web page. Tom will also be posting it on the calendar.
Business Services - Grace
  1. Financial - no word on deadlines. Not even salary budget. No deadlines in Payable or Purchasing.
  2. Med Center embezzlement in the news.
  3. PeopleSoft not working over the weekend.
  1. Bill Hanssen will be out for two days this week.
  2. John Humphrey will be out on Friday.
  3. Rob may also be out sometime this week.
  4. Southwest Smathers door delayed. Data drop needed for security. No SYSHELP generated for it until today.
  5. Smathers front door was not locking this weekend. The bar code reader was staying green. It was not the programming. Rob tied the door with cat5 cable and closed the police. This morning, the door was locked and the bar code reader was red again.
  6. We lost a couple of UPS's this week in the Com closet. Could be that there was a voltage brown-out. That may have also affected the front doors. We'll keep an eye on the doors and see if we have any other problems.
  7. We had an incident where a student laptop was stolen in MSL last week.
  8. Grey is trying to get info about the last time asbestos was removed from this building (Smathers). They need to document it before they can run the electrical.
  9. When Steve Shorb was here, he initiated the remodeling in the Journalism Library. PPD is working on the last piece of it.
  10. ALF blind estimate - six panels for $417. Unfortunately, the color is gulf blue. That needs to be changed to off white.
  11. Demo phones to be picked up tomorrow.
  12. CNS was out at ALF last week - doing wireless for the stacks.
  13. ALF only has two phones - no VOIP. Cox is already out there. VOIP estimate is needed.
  14. Area upstairs in HR - next to Evelyn - is missing the baseboard in the infrastructure. Facilities will take care of it.
  1. John called about the networking port to the north door. Emails were flying back and forth. Said he needed two IPs for client workstation - for the control panel on the door. Where it's going to be determines what IP it gets. One IP for John's machine, one for the control panel near the door. John is also asking if there is a network port available. Conduit was pulled a long time ago in the Com closet. An additional port request would have to be made via work order.
  2. Problems with Outlook mail client this morning. Exchange server used to do 4-5 other processes. Web server sign-on is now slightly different - have to put in the domain name on the second page. Directions were posted on LIBBS.
  3. Power fluctuation in the north tower - took 3 UPS's to clean it up.
  4. Got notification of 25 more computers to be arriving today.
  1. Status quo.
  2. Four faculty postings.
  3. Received one reply this weekend for the HR position.
  4. Bill needs all emergency contact info for internal distribution. The current list is woefully out-of-date.
  5. Divisional calendar in the works. Access through Outlook.
  6. PAULA - staff tracking - to expand to all Support Services departments.


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