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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 5, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. AC out in Systems - most likely the belt.
  2. Touch-up in room 140 West is done. Evan is getting 150 monitors in today and asked to use the room for storage. No, that room cannot be used.
  3. Quality Plumbing is on site. Bill sat through meeting that showed a video - building colonoscopy - of West plumbing.
  4. John asked for the quote to install hand dryers. Allstate Electric is due out today to give us a quote. We may get them to wire the faucets as well.
  5. Access Services - access security installed door.
  6. 'In Case of Fire' signs arrived. Shelley to determine where they should be installed.
  7. 4th floor West HR sign has been fixed.
  8. Escalator training done.
  9. Meeting about escalator maintenance - said it would be done weekly - now no word. They said they agreed to clean them once a year.
  10. Space allocation done.
  11. Facilities: Pete, Bill and Rob are alternating days off this week.
  12. Need to mark where they want the domes to go and get them installed on the tabletops.
  13. Cork flooring - replacement tile has not been made. Won't be received until the end of this week at the earliest.
  14. 3M gate removal - rescheduled due to floor work cancellation. We'd like to use the same building fund money for it.
  1. The fob in the elevator of East has not yet been converted to card reader.
  2. SX280's - problems with motherboards - the majority are under warranty, so Dell will replace. The ones that are out-of-warranty, Dell will send us motherboards to install.
  3. Issue with Dell monitors - 168 to be replaced. Most are public; a few are staff.
  4. MSL laptop situation - no better. Bill got the contact info and will be in touch.
  1. Erich to Washington, DC May 9.
  2. After that, he'll be in Haiti for two weeks.
  3. Mark leaves Haiti for Guyana, then Jamaica.
  4. UFDC loading capacity was down this week.
  5. Backup plans while Mark is gone: Mark says Logan and Winston should be able to fix any problems.
  6. NDNP - last disks of film have shipped - to the wrong address. They went to the eradication plant at the Library of Congress. We are trying to straighten it out.
  7. DLC is working on the reorg plan - how & where to use people. Stephanie announced her retirement in August/September. Erich to leave in August. There is a great longing to scale up when we need to scale down.
  1. Brian was out all last week and is catching up on email.
  2. We received an exemption from UF to proceed with the Associate Dean of Technology search.
  3. HR position posted.
  4. Electronic Resources - feedback due on Wednesday.
  5. Rob has a question about exempt time. He should contact Jennifer Ellenwood.
  1. Budget to be reported on Machen's Website at 3PM this afternoon. Hard cuts likely across campus for this coming year. Looks okay for the Libraries.
  2. MSL - leakage repair - on course to happen.


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