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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 7, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Thanks to survey - have all to Auditor General. The report is done and out. The only non-compliance is the question regarding detailed records of long-distance phone calls.
  2. Will has been getting his order shipments. Separate deliveries: front and back doors.
  3. Pay for VOIP phones in East? There is another proposal, but we are unsure of exactly what it is.
  4. We're in the process of doing security stuff requested by Rob - we'll be off CCure in a couple of months.
  5. We started negotiating with Tigert to get the money to pay Judy. We'll have to put her into the budget again in July.
  6. We're just trying to get cleared and organized.
  7. Brian is in the process of putting raises into the system - not easy.
  1. Shea's Glass is on site - rewiring the door in West. They are pulling new wire.
  2. Ellis - did not get a hold of him. We are working on the carrels.
  3. Agotti agreed to repair the table dividers. Will come back and bolt them on.
  4. Room 1A - door to be fixed.
  5. Special Collections has 32 cases of paper to be shredded - governor papers. Follow standard UF procedures for disposal.
  6. Stanley is onsite loading CCure.
  7. No word on the 4050 project.
  8. Rob Roberts needs to test Bill's fob.
  1. Flo wants us to keep looking for a funding source for her. We cannot pay for it.
  2. GMC meeting pushed back.
  3. Working on newsletter and PowerPoint.
  1. Exchange outage over the weekend. Logan noticed it on Saturday afternoon. Web mail was not working. He moved some files.
  2. Orders ongoing.
  3. CCure - Stanley onsite.
  1. 33 workstations received. We will install. We will contact surplus property. Also have a big printer to dispose. "Electronic disposal" - new proclamation from UF. Facilities made space for temporary storage in ALF. (Aside: lots of equipment in ALF needs to be removed - get a list to Bill)
  2. Gus' position has been reposted.
  3. New furniture order - what to do with the old stuff? Rob will ask around.
  1. Implementing the re-class - some have gone through PeopleSoft, some have not. They need to be there by Thursday of this week. Folks going from hourly to exempt should not be entering their time. Theoretically, supervisors should catch any problems.
  2. Outgoing tide of student assistants.
  3. New staff orientation - announcement was sent out. Directors
    1. Directors did not meet on Friday.
    2. Working on this thing from Cecil - putting together a mission statement for the internal consumption of the state's university libraries.
    3. Working on a quick proposal this legislature for a joint storage facility.
    4. Budget - made the newspapers - state workers will not receive a raise but will get a $1000 bonus. Tuition will be increased.
    5. Circa proposal for printing - to be considered when we are out of the Xerox contract. Send the proposal to Bill.


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