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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 8, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Winston Harris, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. East AC Duct cleaning - need to follow up. Rob will talk to John Humphrey about it.
  2. Move into West on schedule to start May 31. Business Services will be the first to go.
  3. All VOIP info has been given to Telecom. We've been having bouts of trouble getting things done by Telecom. They are in a state of flux due to the merge from PPD.
  4. CNS has a chart for public computing in West. There are 5 available port assignments for the reference desk. Telecom has all of the necessary info.
  5. The Systems move for August 1st has been encumbered.
  6. John is training on the lighting system in West. Need to get an estimate to run a cable to his new office.
  7. Picnic this Friday - will be set up/taken down by Facilities.
  8. Clocks are here for West.
  9. Clogged water fountain outside Dale's office has been reported.
  10. Handicapped parking in the back of Criser and cars blocking access to the Systems/Preservation loading dock - well-known problem. Will talk (again) to the Registar and PPD. Could possible paint a blue line to indicate the handicapped walkway.
  11. Still agonizing over the MSL shelving. Keeping them manual - unknown if they can afford to give up that much space.
  12. High-density storage at ALF - need to take down to 12' height.
  1. Picnic - workers from West are invited as well.
  2. Carol Turner - sent out email regarding touring West. Tours are being run by Bill, Carol and John Ingram.
  3. Signage - all of that is being handled by Carol Turner.
  4. Trash cans - to be placed at the end of every row of tables.
  5. Carrels - the topic of who will handle the carrel keys is under discussion by the Directors.
  6. Housekeeping - they also need to make the tour. They need to learn how to clean the various surfaces.
  7. Food policy - will have difficulty enforcing.
  8. Library-wide speaker system for announcements is operational.
  9. Covered walkway in front of West will not be removed.
Business Services
  1. $310,000 total in holding - some marked for MSL, some for West networking. Need to call Etta Green and see if there is anything outstanding on wiring. Bill thinks it is complete.
  2. Building - Agotti is done - everything except putting the chairs together.
  3. Arms attaching monitors have been tested on the public computers. Witnessed by Will, Geoffrey, Leilani and Colleen. Computers will be installed continuously for quite awhile.
  4. Server ordered.
  5. Cameras - server in Systems will pick up active server feed.
  6. TV video in West - not set to go.
  7. Escalator to be working on May 16.
  8. Space Saver May 17.
  9. Move to start May 31.
  10. Everything must be out of Butler by August 31. The shelving there will have to be put on pallets and hauled to ALF.
  11. $15,000 worth of hinged shelving has been purchased from Space Saver for Access Services in West (2nd floor).
  1. Computing - we'll have roughly 200 public computers. A lot on permanently mounted arms. The process of setting them all up will have to be coordinated right.
  2. 50 new keys will need to be added to the key program.
  3. Management of West network will be different - VOIP phones/computers. May resent difficulties with printers. Liaisons will have to get on board with the current situation. Their current documentation won't match up.
  4. When we open at the end of June, everything will not be up and running.
  5. Order for the multimedia installation - charge at $31,000, including installation. Barbara would like her hands on the order this week.
  1. August - big hiring push should be settled by then.
  2. Dale wants to open June 30, at the beginning of summer B.
  3. Still fighting about the retrieval service.
  4. Watch for announcements regarding the move.
  5. June 1 - will post office assistant position for Evelyn. Evelyn will be moving over to Business Services. There is no office space for her yet in West.
  6. Carol Turner sent out an email regarding volunteers to work triage at the West Ref desk. Bill notes that none of the Support Services should do it as we will all be too busy.
  7. Concept of bonuses - discussed at Library Council. The VP of UF HR says no bonuses are available for anyone. The only way to get one is to have your position re-classed or get a counter-offer to a new position offer.
  8. State worker raise on October 1st is a rumor around campus at the moment. No official comment released.
  9. Daniel Salvano - AFA - OPS, but treat as full-time employee. Send an email to Barbara Oliver.
  10. Frank DiTroilio - retirement moved back until July. Cashout report needed by Barbara.
Business Services
  1. Due to analyze book funds. They are not broke - $700,000.
  2. All Xerox money out of Health Center - no. Barbara talked to the VP down there. We collect; they need to ask for it. Need to check with Xerox and make sure it happens.
  3. Meeting on IT reorg May 22 - we will be represented.
  4. No word about carried forward funds.


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