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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 12, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. Projects: West dome installations. We've got half of the 6th floor done and are working our way down.
  2. We have some signage to install. The location has been reviewed by Public Services, so they are ready to go.
  3. Plumbing upgrades are complete. We still have some points to talk over with the contractor.
  4. The very expensive garbage can is missing from the Admin men's room.
  5. Fire drills are scheduled for next week in both Library West and East.
  6. MSL waterproofing - Maps and the staff lounge. We are working with Maps to find adequate area to store their maps/map cases. The project begins July 1st. New entrance to be installed on the ground floor by L107. It will affect the area between MSL and CSE as well as MSL and the Reitz Union. They will be trying to repair the crack in the concrete slab. It most likely won't be finished until late September-mid-October. MSL 107 will be used to house Maps public access items. Room 1A is also a possibility, although carting those cases across campus is unwise. Need more money for OPS movers. Public Services has money - need to take it up with them. Grace is working on the quote. Lenel will have to rewire the doors. Staff will need to relocate. Phones will have to be moved. No funding from PPD. The project is supposed to stay under $1 million.
  7. Contractor for West flooring - project may be scheduled for the intercession between summer C and fall semesters. Once the materials appear on site, then we'll try to schedule a construction time. We anticipate it will be done this summer.
  8. Arms for chairs - quotes received.
  1. AFA power - nothing has been done yet, but Rob got the key. Will pull Brad off the power dome installations to do it. Then CNS will be able to monitor the power.
  2. NT16 - drives full on print server. We will create a virtual print server and remove the print drives from NT16.
  3. We're starting to run out of back up tapes. Need to order more.
  4. MSL laptops - they are installing additional RAM then they will ship.
  5. Flat panel monitors have been swapped out - 168 replaced.
  6. SX280's - motherboard replacements. Dell said they would send replacement motherboards for the out-of-warranty machines.
  1. Erich is in Washington, DC and then Haiti. Dealing with the Library of Congress and DLOC project.
  2. UFDC has some new tabs. Visit statistics are high.
  3. Erich is interested in remote desktop for training.
  4. Premium Page Flip Flash Engine software received. It will be used on UFDC. It should not slow down anything.
  5. AFA Library - visual resource center - they are interested in someone taking over their stuff. There are copyright issues.
  6. DLC News Blog - Laurie copied over the new blog. She will send out an announcement.
  1. Senior Development Officer position - the second candidate is set to interview with the Directors today.
  2. Electronic Reserves Librarian interviewed.
  3. Grant coordinator position is out there.
  4. The HR position has a variety of candidates.
  5. Two Librarian positions have been posted for MSL - one associate and one assistant.
  6. Budget - Brian has a meeting with Grace at 11:30AM today.
  7. Tina was out last week.
  8. Brian is working on market equity for faculty.
  1. Outages last week: Judy & Shelley - no meeting.
  2. Political budget environment - waiting to see if Bernie's word is declared Marshall Law by the Board of Trustees.


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