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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 14, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Mark Sullivan
Business Services
  1. We are busy installing new computers in Business Services. Unfortunately, the Exchange server was going up and down during this process. Will confirms: PDAs were unable to synch, so he had to switch from Exchange 1 to Exchange 2. Both Lane and the new Director use T Mobile devices. Problem is now fixed.
  2. Contracts for next year - recurring charges as usual.
  3. Eleven twelfths of the history is done.
  4. Barbara will be out for two weeks starting this Friday.
  5. The PeopleSoft snapshots are up until April 19. There are double entries. People that have been re-classed will have to be put in again for next year. High-dollar faculty hiring is also effected. Individualized salary data - after April 19 - for startup of the next fiscal year.
  6. PeopleSoft cannot do commitment-control. They are going to hire a firm to come in and add a database to PeopleSoft.
  7. We've asked for money for the Director's salary - should show in the next week or two.
  8. Inventory by the end of May - UF insurance person sent a letter to Dan Jones' boss. Response was that his "tone was wrong".
  9. HR - end of first week of June - need all travel in? Have been in touch with search committees. Business Services will send out a message regarding travel. Also, hiring blackout? End of year date? Business Services will also advise.
  1. Rob Roberts will be on vacation May 17-29.
  2. Carrel work - door angles.
  3. Desktop boxes - using glass that divides the tables. Will have them do a mock-up of one first. Need to ask Agotti for his source for the glass.
  4. Education Training Room 1504 - powered screen? There is also a problem with the table: too deep, too crowded. Rob looked at using the old DLC furniture, but it would not work. Need to purchase 12 tables to accommodate 24 laptops. Also need power for the laptop storage unit and projector. CNS will be wiring.
  5. Hang had a request from the Registar's Office to store a container at ALF. Need to run the request by the Directors.
  6. Spare cork tiles - in Brad's shop.
  7. Rob met with Fred Beatty - UF postmaster - explained what we want. They may only want to charge for the off-campus run. They are willing to do it, but may charge a bit - same with the courier service.
  8. Replacing library van - want to get an electric for maintenance runs. The old van is dying.
  1. Grant workshop - finishing up the PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Finishing up the newsletter.
  3. Flo - waiting for something to apply the project.
  1. Smoke - UF policy for those that have to evacuate their homes - admin leave is available. This is not widely advertised. For those unable to go outside/not come into work, they should use their sick leave.
  2. Faculty meeting today - market equity to be finalized and presented to the Directors.
  3. Re-class - three are pending. Raises have been entered, not approved. Hope to pass the approval process for May 4-17.
  4. Newly salaried folks - Business Services sent them a message to wait on approvals for the re-class.
  5. Student assistants - less than 6 credit hours, they have to be OPS. Kristy has communicated this info.
  6. Kristy is out sick today.
  1. Staff issue - West.
  2. Laurie Taylor starts today.
  3. Gus position re-posted.
  4. We are busy installing new computers.
  5. Issue of servers: JPEG 2K and the Webcluster configuration. The solution is new servers. For the short term: rebuild.
  1. Did not meet on Friday as only two were here.
  2. Bill attended the Technical Advisory Group for FCLA down in Orlando. They are down to group of four, but really need five to carry out the tasks.
  3. Library Management System - the company has merged: Endeavor & Ex-Libris, resulting in big turmoil on that end of the world. There are problems with the vendor. Also upheaval in the Library world regarding the classification of information. Fifteen minute load test melted down last week.


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