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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 15, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, John Humphrey, Brian Keith, Grace Strawn
  1. New move schedule handed out. Need to figure out the computer move out of MSL.
  2. West - guard hired (off-duty GPD) to monitor traffic in & out of the building. Will also hire a runner to help seat people.
  3. Opening date set for July 3-5.Book move to start June 5th. Reference books to be moved last. We have a broad outline and will try to stick to it.
  4. Preservation - worried about dust from the Systems asbestos removal. A plastic barrier will be hung to protect the area.
  5. Shuffling around of people in East - Robert Shaddy, John & Brad - will be moved at the end of this month. Network should be live now.
  6. Landscape wall - no! Talk to Bill Covey. One for Grace, one for Matt Daley - other than that, no one gets the wall during the move. Have to get in there first.
  7. Fencing - when will it come down? At least by May 26th.
  8. Escalator, elevator, front door to plaza and Space Saver - all pending. Biltmore - electrical power. Final on the building will be 30 days after 26 May.
  9. Do not expect everything up and running at the opening.
  10. Phones - we are a bit nervous about them - they may not be ready by May 26. Physically, they are sitting in the warehouse. Telecom to contact individual supervisors. Six month auto-message to forward old number to new. Everyone will have their own individual phone numbers.
  11. Liaisons - how to coordinate installations - staff & public - need to figure it out. Need to make sure people have their work backed up.
  12. . Mallard - 14 tables and chairs - he needs to deliver and assemble them. They will be going on the 6th floor of West. He did not say how long it will take. Need to get a timeline on the delivery and assembly. Also need to nail down exactly where they go.
  13. 80 chairs with no fabric cover decision - need to talk to Dale. Blanket has been set up with Mallard for payment.
  1. June 20 - Public Relations and Marketing Committee employee event - 2-5PM "Thank-you Open House" for West.
  2. June 29 - Bon voyage for Martha Hruska.
  3. June 22-27 ALA.
  4. Hiring brown-out June 1-11. Budget-wise, it's a blackout.
  5. Trying to find out from Dale the sort of things we can spend money on for staff recognition. Need to review state regulations and UF policy for staff spending - how to administrate it.
  1. 2003 server expert - Will attended training. It was worthwhile.
  2. Statement of Work for the West Media Room - need to make sure Dell knows exactly what they are responsible for.
  3. Erich's Prime Recognition software ordered.
  4. Public Services Technical Coordinator position - when will they be on board? Ideally June 11 - as soon as possible, at any rate. Where will they be located? Good question.
  5. Martha has 4-5 positions that she wants moved. DLC to be set up as a tenure home - next fiscal year.
  1. 90 new keys for the new building. Each office has a key as well as there being sub-master keys for all. Also need to program GatorOne cards for clearance. People have to sign for the metal keys. Will try to distribute them ahead of time.
  2. Front door will have key swipe. Grad students will need authorization for the 6th floor. Need to have a system by July.
  3. There is a building master key. Systems will need one.
  4. Workstations to have wall plate service.
  5. Old keys will need to be turned into Facilities.
Business Services
  1. Cynthia is trying to clean up messy PO's.
  2. Bookends bought by Business Services - trying to invoice the project.
  3. Crumbling concrete - needs to be cleaned up before the monsoons.
  4. Bill for cleaning up the sidewalks between East & West - has not yet been received.


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