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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 16, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Trudi DiTrolio, Rob Roberts, Jill Skotko, Grace Strawn
Flaming Emergency Department
  1. Web server died overnight - locked up. Rich emailed all staff about it this morning and Cynthia got it restarted.
  2. There was an extraordinary increase of spam this weekend. Spambots are increasing in power.
  3. The BBS server was attacked twice. Should be back up today. We think we found the hole.
  4. The network security people tracked down a security breach to the Library - may be Bill Koontz's proxy server.
  5. Reminder to report to Systems anything you see is out - not working. This includes elements in databases.
  1. Locks in the building are staying locked and are now on the summer schedule. AFA had one door off by an hour, but it has now been reconfigured. Rob notes it would be much easier to program if we could streamline the operating hours of the Libraries. Not likely to happen.
  2. LAC - elevator to the 4th floor - fixed.
  3. There is a proposal to keep the Libraries open 24 hours-5 days a week. There is no money yet to support. Could be the case just for West. Budget estimates are in - we should know what we theoretically have to play with. Carry forward should be the same as last year, but not enough for West.
  4. Hang and Ben went to the town meeting for Lowes. Sometime in October/November is when they will start our evacuation clock. We should be safe as far as an extra charge for the move. Of course, neither will we get the extra windfall from having the lease broken. Overall, this is good news - we don't want to move twice.
  1. Denise's old position - got another resume this morning. Have received over twenty - lots of interest.
  2. East Asian Cataloguer - two more incoming.
  3. All other positions are on hold.
  4. Academic Affairs - Jill is meeting with them.
  5. Trudi - meeting with the Directors is set for Friday (sans Dale). All meetings should be on the calendar.
  6. Town Meetings will be held the 4th Friday of every month, 1:30-3:00PM. People wanted to see the Directors more, and now they shall - on a monthly basis. It is unclear if there will be enough to talk about each time, but we want to make contact with the management more commonplace.
  7. Trying to schedule a Library meeting with President Machen as the guest. He is hard to nail down.
  8. Meeting regarding tenure and promotion - the Provost is coming. We're forced into a mold that we do not fit into.
  1. Outlook Web mail should be fxed.
  2. Quotes for server orders enroute.
  1. Brian will be out for three days.
  2. ALF blinds to be installed this week.
  3. AC at ALF continues to be a problem. They put it on a sensor; it got too hot - called them to repair. It is designed to measure humidity first, so there is only so much the repairmen can do. Facilities has taken one off humidity and set it to the temperature outside. This may work, although it is only a temporary solution. It seems better to let Facilities actually control it. What if they could load it onto a server, log on, and then control it? Seems costly. We need to dig out the original specs and see if they match what the repair guys are telling us. (This is not Physical Plant, but a contractor. They are frustrated, also.)
  4. Water pressure in this building - meeting this morning. Pressure was not working yesterday. Switch or engineering is not working. Need to monitor tank and give pressure when needed. GRU has been having pressure trouble - it is affecting sewage and waste. Seems to be a city-related trouble.
Business Services
  1. Memo from Purchasing last week - deadline for bids.
  2. PeopleSoft is not allowing us to close blankets.
  3. Money is still encumbered for items purchased on PO's.
  4. All October travel was double-entered in PeopleSoft.
  5. The double-entries in P-Cards has been corrected.
  6. Trouble with hiring - Bill should be approving when curiously, the approve button disappeared. It was there, but as of Friday, there is a different button that acts like an approve button.
  7. Barbara Oliver and Grace have a salary budget meeting this week.
  1. Bill has been scheduled for LibQual classes in Austin, Texas - to take place the last week in May.
  2. There will be no meeting that last week of the month, as Monday is the Memorial Day holiday.


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