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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 19, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Work order submitted for Room 1A East - water damage. Back exit water drainage needs to be fixed.
  2. Dome installation - currently working on the second floor.
  3. Agotti will be here on Wednesday & Thursday. Will be fixing chair backs; also, booths.
  4. Additional problems: 3rd floor urinals. They will not flush. PPD did not install the retrofit, although Danny said they did. It needs to be installed. PPD refused to do it. Quality Plumbing came in and installed the retrofit. Ralph needs to know all of this. What it comes down to is copper green line with no retrofit? Yes. Quality Plumbing should know what has retrofit and what doesn't.
  5. Low bearing report on MSL received - so we know where they can put the Map cases.
  6. We've asked Jay to have the contractor outline where we can store the Maps furniture. He is doing the planning & construction. He is also retiring next month, unfortunately. They have agreed to do the doors - double the L107 doors so the Maps cases can be moved. The will also do the loading dock doors.
  7. Work Order submitted to get the court yard drainage cleaned out at MSL.
  8. Submitted request for a permit for the electrical at AFA.
  9. Facilities still has not received the departmental parking passes. Per HR, the old ones have been extended until July 1st.
  10. Rob will be attending Amy's MS training for two weeks.
  1. Outages - we took down the primary domain controller. When the replicated one was brought back up, NT2R clustered service would not start, so we brought the old one back up. Once it's fixed, it will be an improvement.
  2. MSL replacement laptops are shipping, as are parts. Should receive some this week. Now they will have DVD and CD drives.
  3. SX280's - Dell management is considering how they will handle the motherboard issues.
  1. DLC future org chart - flushed out.
  2. Grant project - National Digital Newspapers - having problems with the program uploader. Our validator does not validate there. We are being told it is our problem. We need to complete the newspaper bios.
  3. Everglades grant - still in planning.
  4. Linguistics project from LAC - origins of Spanish phrases. The phrases have been written down on book cards, making it of little scholarly value. LAC is trying to get it digitized. Erich is trying to discourage it.
  5. Aymara project - is moving ahead.
  6. Digital Library of Congress - Erich met with them in Washington, DC. They want to buy high-end equipment and then pay us to train the libraries in the other countries. Then, they would pass the content to us. Content for technology. We agreed to do a pilot project. The DLOC infrastructure has to be used. They need to get DLOC to train. There are 23 countries involved. We've already been to six.
  7. Erich also met with the State Department in DC. We've agreed to roll-out Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
  8. Trip to Haiti - Erich reports that they we completely guarded by the State Department officials. The installation is in a good location - about 45 minutes outside of Port-au-Prince. On the second day of the visit, the National Archives folks forgot we were coming. The National Archivists refused to come. Political in-fighting. Two things of note: Jeremy collection - Frank Crumby papers - civil records acquired by UF and the Russian Bow papers - NYPL has 1/3 and UF has 1/3. We're trying to tell Special Collections they are not commercial.
  1. We received the budget. It matches our expectations. No additional cuts. Lost book payments - Judy got an agreement from the Provost to return the monies collected to the Libraries. They have not said how they will return it - whether annually or quarterly.
  2. Incoming student orientation going on.
  3. Recruitment Development Office hired: Alicia Antone. She starts on June 16.
  4. Grant Management position - 30 applicants.
  5. We're in the process of posting the MSL Assistant and Associate University Librarian positions.
  6. HR position - also getting a lot of applicants.
  7. New employee orientation today.
  1. Have been conducting Development Officer interviews.
  2. MSL construction.
  3. Library Council to meet this week - Bill to speak on LibQual.
  4. Reorg - IT structure outline - Bill is working on it.


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