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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 21, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, John Humphrey, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Grace Strawn
  1. Grant Management Committee meeting this afternoon.
  2. Powerpoint presentation is ready.
  3. Rita - NEH award for Baldwin starts October 1st.
  4. LSTA grant - problem with Harris. Fred is looking into it for us - rewiring Florida.
Business Services
  1. Can't do anything - the salary budget crashed. The PeopleSoft prep module crashed. No time to put in budget for next year and close out payables. It only captures up until April 19, 2007. Everything after has to be manually changed. This means the re-class information. Getting it in, making it stay is the problem. Deadline: June 6.
  2. Topic of the 'Greenmonster' database comes up. HR would like to improve it by having it access the payroll info from PeopleSoft. Will to pass the request on to the Systems programmers.
  3. Docutek - contract runs through June.
  1. Carrel activity - lots last week. People have been lifting the doors off the tracks. Most of them have been secured. The locks seem to be working on the doors. The reinforcing beams are in. Legs at upright slots - most are done. They are about as good as they're going to get.
  2. Re-keying the doors at all of the branches in case the system goes down - one key per department.
  3. CCure - the updated software has been installed. When will Lenel be here to change it over? Charlie Taylor knows about it.
  4. Locks on the doors in East 1A - it is on Brad's list, along with the stacks. Need to get going on it.
  5. Space Inventory Allocation System - need to update info from when departments left East and went into West.
  6. Voice-over IP phones - need to contact CNS. Rob came up with an internal form, and then emailed it to CNS. Need generics numbers for departments.
  7. East VOIP - got the final clearance on Friday. They came down on half of the cost. Should see them in the near future - this summer. We've already assigned numbers. We will own the phones. Estimated cost for VOIP in East: $20,700.
  8. Education Library - three quotes for three tables with twenty-six chairs - sent to Business Services.
  9. Replacements for the silver boxes on the Ref desk? They are perceived as unfriendly.
  1. New computers - issuing/receiving.
  2. Xerox fix on Friday worked - it now charges for PDFs.
  3. WW Gay is in Systems tinkering with the AC.
  4. Duct cleaning - turns out they did not clean the whole unit.
  1. Technical position closed again.
  2. LSTA funds.
  3. Old computers - return? Prepare for re-deployment. Need to get the memory to 2G.
  4. JPEG2K server - needs more space. New servers - we'll be trying virtualization. Will it take care of the Web server failover problem?
  1. Faculty Assembly Meeting - market equity discussion was punted to a future committee to come up with the particulars.
  2. Pay increments are in - they are what they should be - working on the mechanics. Changes should show up on Friday.
  3. Library Associate II - in DLC closed.
  4. Library Associate II - Missy Shoop's old job - it will be interesting to see the recruitment as the base is higher since the re-class and it is a clear promotion from a Library Associate I.
  5. Overall, our salary pay rates are pretty good for the southeast and the rest of the state. We have strengthened our minimum qualifications.
  6. Grace's job description should have been submitted to Classification.
  1. Only a few of the Directors have been in the office - AL meeting and fundraising.
  2. Carol Turner will be out in June.
  3. Library Council will hold a short meeting this Thursday to discuss the notion of lobbying - how to influence the legislature.
  4. This meeting will be suspended next Monday due to the holiday.


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