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Support Services Meeting Notes
May 23, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Trudi DiTrolio, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Jill Skotko
  1. Reminder: Bill will be out all of next week.
  1. This week: Exchange server seems to be fixed. The need to enter the domain name before the user ID in Web mail has been eliminated.
  2. New technician position for Systems has been approved.
  3. Greenstone & BBS servers are on order.
  4. Exchange server upgrade - have quotes for new equipment, just waiting for decision from higher-ups. Dale is aware that we are trying to make the purchase, but she doesn't know the price. Even with an upgrade, it will not be bulletproof, but we should be better off. There could be competition with West furniture money.
HR - Trudi
  1. Upcoming - big PSE meeting - topic of student instruction - orientation for students - all public services people. They've asked Trudi to attend and listen. Unsure as to why they've she's been invited: student assistant orientation, customer service - getting people into the culture of the Library.
  2. Friday - meeting with Provost - Libraries not to go off the tenure track. Another meeting is scheduled for June 15. People have many questions. We define the standards - have to bring them to the Board of Trustees. We're trying to explain how we're different from the rest of the faculty. How do other faculty perceive Librarians? They don't really think about them.
  1. Russ is out today.
  2. Rob will be out with some appointments throughout the week.
  3. Intellikey System - big concern. We decided a year ago to outsource it - no upgrade support. Now that we've switched to XP, we can't run the few doors that remain with Intellikey. It needs to go away. It will still run with Win2K. It doesn't make since to convert those doors fobs since we are moving over to University security. Since we need to get rid of Intellikey, we'll switch the remaining doors to regular keys until the conversion to the University system.
  4. Book detectors - has not worked well due to doorframe. No base plate. Dale says no more drilling on the floor, period. If we move gates - need Dale's approval. Carol backed off. What's the worry? New lights will interfere. 3M gates were shielded. Need to find out what is the real problem.
  5. Water pressure situation in East - no complaints lately. Physical Plant thinks it must be okay. The problem seems to occur every 4-5 days. If it happens again, send all the documentation to Bill and he will deal with Physical Plant.
  6. VOIP - ALF to be converted - they sent a quote. Problem is that all we should be getting charged is a plate fee. That particular Telecom tech is not quite as competent as the others.
  7. Two or three things not ordered yet - ladders, for one. MSL - three workstations to evaluate ergonomically. June 1 is the cut-off date for ordering.
  8. Power to the vending machines is off the board. The go-ahead has not been funded. Need to get it to Barbara by Friday.
  9. South door - the company is coming back today to work on it. It will be on the new University system with the fob, and then be converted to a card swipe with the rest of the building.
HR - Jill
  1. Rumors about a Documents librarian - stay tuned.
  2. JM - Senior LTA - posted today.
  3. Systems IT tech position is a-go.
  4. MSL - closes Friday.
  5. HR - also closes Friday.
  6. Interviews set for June 7 - East Asian Cataloguer. Two candidates have been scheduled. Barbara warns not to use the PC card after June 1 - if they are coming, get them situated today.
Business Services
  1. LAD - planning board - positive feedback, moving along. Will need to move all the furniture/things stored at LAD.
  2. Barbara wants all of the vans looked at. If they need new tires, etc. - now is the time to do it. Inspections will be in August. Rob comments that Facilities can do some of the repairs - Barbara says: no, staff does not have auto mechanic degrees - the liability is too great. The vans need to go to Bush's Auto Parts.
  3. The fence has been put back together.


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