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Support Services Meeting Notes
June 2, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Fire alarm in Library East last weekend - it was actually an alarm going off in the alarm panel, but called in as a fire alarm. The police showed up and the fireman came later.
  2. Agotti update - worked on the chairs. Not all of them are done. He will be back.
  3. Mallard also came in - repaired two of the café seating booths.
  4. Shea's Glass - doors in the West stairwell had a missing shaft. Reordered a replacement as well as extras for spares.
  5. An anchor has been designed and installed on a table on the first floor to provide balance. The design needs to be approved by the Directors. Must be sure to notify Building Services so they don't try to move the tables anymore. Anchor has to adhere to two legs per table.
  6. We talked to Leilani and Stacey about the front tables. We have rearranged them and the maximum number done. Have Public Services put it in writing that they agree to it.
  7. Electrical in AFA is done.
  8. No MSL update - no response from Jay. Call Harold and confirm when we will be getting the doors in. We've received three quotes for the project. Need to make sure they are all-inclusive (move included).
  9. Flooring installation in West is scheduled for June 20-29. We have the PO for the gate removal. West will be closed to the public, but open for staff.
  10. Rob will be out of the office Wednesday-Friday.
  1. Greenstone outage over the weekend. We failed it over to the Development server while it is being used for an important presentation. When DLC is done, we will fail it back over and try to troubleshoot the problem.
  2. AFA power is fixed - CNS will put a line tester in to test the power. Bill says to skip the line test now that the power is fixed.
  3. AFA wireless project - we have a quote from CNS for about $1900. Three access points will be needed. Bill says to proceed with the order - it needs to be fixed.
  4. Replistor maintenance contract - we have a quote for $7000 to renew the contract. Will needs to submit it.
  1. Erich sent Sam a note about the Hayes Collection (origins of Spanish phrases). There is a list of things Paul has to do before digitization.
  2. ETD - Electronic Thesis & Dissertations - the Library is collecting money to process. Erich wants to use some money to lay out a picture of what can be done. Need to specify more thoroughly or lessen the scope.
  3. Haitian - two collections acquired from a dealer in the 1950's - stolen from Haiti. Repliban - meeting this morning with John Nemmers. The Haitians will be happy with a digital return of property. John Ingram wants to sell it.
  4. Erich met the richest man in Haiti, Gregory Mers. Suggested he might help fund the Haiti project.
  5. NDN - technically done. Validator stopped working, we tried it on a virgin machine and it worked. We are just getting the last bunch out.
  6. IT reorg - DLC meeting - asking Bill to attend.
  1. Self-checkout machines - the Provost is buying three machines: 2 for West, 1 for MSL. Specs to be confirmed. Unsure if shipping is specified. The outcome of the use of these machines is to drive salary savings in OPS. Savings to be held in special reserve. Rob adds about the self-checkout machines: Brad was asked to look at the machine and make some adjustments for scanning - the answer was no - we do not do anything to the self check-out machines as they are not ours.
  2. OPS - Judy committed to pull $200,000 out. 22% reduction of non-federal work study employees. It is not quite finalized. Payroll numbers have to be in PeopleSoft by the end of today.
  3. Faculty sustained performance - Ann Lindell and John VanHook both passed.
  4. Promotion panel on faculty promotions - implication of memorandum.
  5. MSL - two positions posted. We've received applications for both.
  6. HR Development & Employee Relations position - posted.
  7. We're going forward with the Judaica position.
  8. Grants coordinator - telephone interviews ongoing.
  9. June 30 - Pam Cenzer retires.
  1. $18,000 savings assumption for the self check-out machines. We are not sure where the machines will be located in relation to the Circulation desk.
  2. The Directors spent a lot of time on OPS & stipends.
  3. Compliance with US Export Controls - we have to be super careful with anything UF information/technology that is taken into a foreign country.
  4. IT reorg to be discussed.
  5. Need to move ahead on the move of public machines to campus AD.


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