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Support Services Meeting Notes
June 6, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Jill Skotko
  1. Bill just returned from Austin (ARL workshop). This was the fourth one he'd attended - and the only one worth a darn. Consisted of 2˝ days of basic statistical information and 2˝ days of surveys. Overall, they've just gotten better in how they handle things.
Business Services
  1. $1 million in furniture has been ordered for West. The PO went out to George & Associates. He said he had a state contract, but this was not the case.
  2. They were not going to give us factory rates, but we were able to figure it out. Our George might sue somebody else, but we have the same contract (UF Purchasing agreed to accept it).
  3. We received our budget - no increase - but it includes last year's carry forward money.
  4. Barbara moved $863,000 for salary. There will be a freeze on all hiring (except one) until the end of this fiscal year.
  5. We'll have $250,000 for books. Looks like money trouble for next year.
  6. When David Fuller left his position in ILL, we ceased lending materials, except where there was only one, unique item. All we've done is received. There has been no one acting as head of ILL. Bill from Solinet wants $26,000 in lending fees. Barbara has warned Dale that there is a hefty bill forthcoming. Carol, Lori & Ben all knew that we weren't lending. The bills were not being given to Accounting. This will be investigated.
  7. We've got the minimum wage and last year's 1% raise covered.
  8. The one position to be hired will be the Senior LTA position in ILL.
  9. Year-end closing - sent in all encumbrances. Spent three days working on it. Travel is the real problem. Most all of it is due to PeopleSoft.
  1. HR position - 33 applications received. Met last week and started going through them.
  2. Interviews this Thursday & Friday for the East Asian Cataloguer.
  3. In the process of starting the search for the Documents position.
  4. Coordinator 1 - ILL re-class, was Senior Technician - working title, Circulation Technician.
  5. Journalism librarian - position is out there, but no action until after July 1st.
  6. Alice Primack will be retiring soon. She is in DROP. Notification should come from UF Personnel.
  7. DLC - ready for three interviews. Barbara has to look for money.
  8. Working on a supervisor position in Class & Comp. New position & IT - new guidelines.
  9. One employee relation issue
  1. Saturday - one of our machines was scanning the network. Staff member in Cataloguing & Metadata was in the middle of switching out machines. Had the machine unplugged. Geoffrey is investigating this morning.
  2. NT2R trouble this morning. Restart - it is back up now.
  3. Many servers are on order. The BBS server is on the way.
  4. We are going to add some space to NT2. Will get the order out this week.
  5. Systems has two folks out this week - Linux training.
  1. New southwest door in Smathers - Dale said to board it up. It is bad for our image to have people pulling on the doors to get in when they are not operable.
  2. Intellikey - back burner issue. Will eventually be replacing. Modifications to the system now possible if necessary.
  3. Finished the seating in MSL.
  4. Ladders have been ordered.
  5. The vans have all been checked out.
  6. Water pressure in East has been okay.
  7. Mallard finished four chairs. Two will be delivered to Dale for approval. They are upholstered - walnut in color. They may be considered too blasé, so he'd like to make sure they are acceptable before continuing on with the rest.


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