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Support Services Meeting Notes
June 9, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Rob Roberts
  1. Table leg anchor notification to Building Services. Tables on the 1st-4th floors will be wired and secured to the floor.
  2. Furniture arrangement on the north side -Evan sent an email about deleting network setups. We will not remove any of them.
  3. Grace - security PO for MSL - the warranty is about to run out. We will need to renew the maintenance contract for Lenel security. That contract with Lenel is quite costly. Bill will speak with Judy about it.
  4. Retrofit kit on the West urinals - Bahar was sent an email from Marcus that said it is complete. They replaced the copper waste arm on the retrofit kit - not the whole run to the waste sack. Should we table the issue? We need an answer about the horizontal run.
  5. The architects have seen fit to bill us for a recent meeting we had to discuss the architectural building problems in West. Two hours: $1200!
  6. Info on the waterproofing of MSL? Still no date on the door installation. Movers are scheduled for June 25. Rob has emailed and left voicemail, but no reply. Rob to set delivery receipt on his email. Bill will contact Harold to find out what is going on.
  7. ALF AC problem - one unit was not working. Placed an urgent work order on May 28. The second unit proceeded to go out. Also lost the humidity control. It has since been fixed.
  8. West closed June 20-29. Bill was contacted about it by the Gainesville Sun. 3M has been contacted about the gates.
  9. Self check-out machine - 3M was over here to work on it. It appears to have a security hole - part of the design flaw.
  10. Boxes on the West Circ desk - they are going to be completely removed. The desk will be flat with monitors kept out on top. Systems needs to locate the monitor stands for units in the boxes. It would be nice if we could remove the boxes at the same time the cork flooring is replaced (and West is closed).
  1. Three machines infected - E-card activated virus.
  2. SX280 replacement to coincide with West closing. Dell has agreed to send two repair techs out that week.
  3. Replistor support - Logan does not think it is necessary for us to purchase it. Bill says we should. If it does break, we need to have the support to repair it. Can we get someone else to give us support for it? Will to talk with GovConnection.
  1. Caution about news - reorganization. Announcements will be forthcoming this week.


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