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Support Services Meeting Notes
June 13, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Trudi DiTrolio, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Jill Skotko
  1. Weekend chatter.
Support Services
  1. PeopleSoft - reshuffling: technical head no longer in charge. Mike Conlin now has a much more active role. The Gator Growl debacle may have been the straw that broke the camel's back.
  2. The N.I. committee will not meet for the rest of the summer. Not until the University is ready to tell us what it wants to do. Everything seems to be dividing up according to departments. Maybe the new Provost will change the structure.
  3. Hurricane season - emergency coordination - we are preparing a checklist. UF/Library status needs to be made clear. We will close our computers down. Will need to let people where to check for information (obviously it won't be our Web site).
Business Services
  1. Barbara asks if we need to purchase any supplies for the hurricane season. If so, it must be done by Wednesday. Rob says no - we have plenty of visqueen on hand.
  2. Does anyone know of any Library areas that are currently having water problems? Maps. Also, the AC on the 4th floor routinely leaks. This is condensation, not flooding. Need to call and get them on a monthly maintenance schedule. ALF - also has a condensation problem - lots of humidity is causing condensation running down the walls. There is about 6-8 feet of wet carpet plus a large puddle. PPD has been contacted - Lacy says it is under contract. Bill will call them. Ongoing problem with 4th floor bathroom - no water pressure at times, then it comes back on. The pump is not set right.
  1. Jenna Miller resigned - now there are three positions in MSL open. Searches can be conducted, but no new hires until July 1st.
  2. Docs - Spatial and Numeric Librarian position vacant.
  3. Conducted interviews on Friday for the East Asian Cataloguer. Two very nice candidates - will be a tough choice.
  4. Digital Metadata Librarian - position is closed - in process of interviewing.
  1. The last group of staff computers should be arriving this week.
  2. BBS and the Greenstone servers have been received. Rack for the Greenstone is on back order.
  3. Liaisons - an issue of trustworthiness has surfaced in one department. The liaison in question has been removed from the list and privileges.
  4. We will be buying twice as many computers - mainly for West - next year. It will be a big year for IT ordering. Probably won't start happening until October-November, when the FCLA money comes through. Replacing public machines in West only - not for all branches.
  5. With this last batch of new staff computers arriving, we plan to store the older machines that they replace out at ALF instead of surveying them out.
  6. Computer orders - Barbara states that Business Services is no longer processing PO's. Talk of NT2R replacement. Barbara says if you can get the order up to her today, it could get processed.
  1. Stock of paper - on the shelf. Definitely enough to get through August.
  2. Fire Alarm - speaker box broken in room 200. The voice announcement cannot be understood.
  3. Relocated a fax in Special Collections.
  4. Condensation leak at ALF.
  5. Contractor - major electrical switch burned out twice out at ALF. It is under warranty. They just keep fixing it, and it keeps burning out. Must be an insufficient size or it is grounded wrong.
  6. Fire alarm panel showing an alarm - not valid.
  7. Damaged chair received - reported it to the moving company. The leg was damaged. Considering this is being considered for public furniture, it doesn't bode well considering how rough people are on furniture.
  8. Facilities loves their Work Order Program.
H.R. - Trudi
  1. Town Meetings - once a month - want Directors to summarize goals.
  2. August 18 - President Machen to speak to the Libraries. Will secure a bigger space than MSL conference room.
  3. Staff recognition awards meeting - $20,000 budget for awards. Winners to be announced at the convocation (late Spring '06). Service awards and tenure promotions will all be presented at the same time. Right now we're grappling with who receives the awards and who decides: department chair, Directors, etc. Also need to set time and place. This is not taking the place of yearly bonuses.
  4. Holiday Party - will be separate from the awards.
  5. Picnic - next spring we'll be into West, should be happening.


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