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Support Services Meeting Notes
June 16, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Winston Harris, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Passenger van window - Bill was traveling with the Judy and the passenger-side window got stuck down (again).
  2. ALF roof link - it has been repaired. The leaks have been stopped; they will return to put on a permanent patch. The two leaks occurred during last week's rain storm. No real damage.
  3. Escalator cleaning to be scheduled at the same time as the West closing/cork floor replacement.
  4. Rob has been trying to email Harold's office, but his emails keep failing. Erich reports that Laurie has also had email failures. These occurrences should be reported to Systems.
  5. Meeting today with the contractors about the MSL construction - installation of the doors to be discussed. No demolition/temporary walls until the doors are installed. The movers are scheduled, but that can be changed.
  6. Domes on West tables - a few on the second floor need some electrical work.
  7. Rob and Brad have scheduled the removal of the aluminum boxes on the Circulation Desk for the week of the West closure. The monitors on the desk will have to be placed on stands. Facilities will bring the stands from ALF, but would like someone from Systems to be available for the installation.
  8. Maps move - padlocks have been put on the cases. We have the PO for the security on the door. We have the PO for the movers. The door installation will be discussed at the meeting today. Discussion on using pallets to move the Map cases. We will also need the carpeting replaced in Maps.
  9. Lenel maintenance contract - for the entire Library system. We will review it.
  10. West plumbing - PPD fighting with the architects. Unsure if there will be more work on the system or not.
  11. Temperature control at ALF is stabilized.
  12. Two chairs in West have ripped metal frames. Rob will notify Agotti.
  1. We're finishing up Grover, the new database that integrates IRDB, Trouble Tickets and SysRequest.
  2. Systems programming is looking at Special Collections: EAD.
  3. Leilani came up with a proposal to display to patrons what computers are available/vacant in the Libraries. We are evaluating that proposal.
  1. Erich will be out Tuesday-Thursday.
  2. The Giving Page is up (a donations page). DLC hopes to hire another programmer with some of the money generated.
  3. DNP - $154,000 left to spend. They are very restrictive with how we can spend it.
  4. UFDC production is down. Greenstone software has to be reinstalled.
  5. Erich reports that they seem to experience failures at 2:00 & 5:00 AM. SQL server backup is running at that time. We may move Mark to 2K2SQL - making sure to put in the code for failover.
  6. We have 5000 items pending production, representing 100,000 pages of raw data files.
  7. Erich to contact Tom Wayne, VP of sponsored research.
  8. Stephanie to enter phased retirement. She will contact HR.
HR/Business Services
  1. OPS budget posted.
  2. Brian reports that his email has been hitting the limit.
  3. New stipend model for faculty has been approved by the Directors.
  4. Reorg - changes to go into effect June 27. Hopefully, the payroll dept changes will go through accordingly.
  5. Self check-out machines - 2 for West, 1 for MSL - PO's went through (sole source). They could be here this summer.
  6. Phone interviews for Grants are complete.
  7. Three candidates for the HR position will interview.
  8. MSL Librarian positions close June 30.
  9. Judaica position should be posted this week.
  1. Bill went away last week to CCLA. He was very impressed with their help desk support, project management and overall operation.
  2. Cecil meeting - FIU is working on grants and are nervous about Erich's depature.
  3. Funding news is dismal for the year after next. No cost of living raises. Gloom and doom
  4. Progress on the Mellon Grant for the new Library system. It is moving ahead. To be named: OLE (Open Library Environment). Should be announced this week. It will also encompass digital libraries and we may need to contribute coding time.
  5. Single sign-on - Shibboleth - Mike Conlon project is moving ahead: Fall '09.
  6. Directors are very interested in video conferencing software. Bill is looking into it.
  7. Reorg - changes are close to being released this week. Judy is scheduled to announced the different IT functions at the Faculty Assembly Meeting on June 27. The Liaison Program will cease to exist.


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