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Support Services Meeting Notes
June 19, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. West problems - the big one right now is the plumbing: inefficient water pressure. The problem lies with either PPD or the engineers.
  2. Outlet issues pending.
  3. Loading dock roll-down door issue.
  4. Painting the loading dock to draw attention to the drop-off.
  5. Triangle shelving - can be dangerous on the corner. It is an architectural feature, however.
  6. Cookies and cake party tomorrow 2-5PM for the staff to celebrate West reopening. Have to wear tags and use the front door.
  7. Upcoming - need to determine regulations for hanging items on the wall in West. Also need to establish a policy on the use of electrical appliances: microwaves, toaster ovens, space heaters, coffee makers, etc. Will discuss the topic at today's Director's Meeting.
  8. Book budget - carry forward - $400,000 spent out of the book budget.
  9. OPS - to be set up the same as last year. No change.
  10. July 15-20 - spending will open back up.
  11. Vehicles- eliminating as many as possible. If they do not travel 6000 miles or more per year, then, per UF policy, you don't need it. For us, a lot depends on the mail situation (UPS is coming to discuss things tomorrow).
  12. Hole in the southwest corner of West is an abandoned pipe.
  1. MSL - leak. PPD put in a work order to do major construction. We will get an architect for the budget. Will happen in fiscal year 2008. Will have to tear up the plaza - it is the ceiling of Maps that leaks.
  2. Southside door of East - the one that faces Criser - Fern Carlson is having trouble with her fob. The light is turning green, but the door will not unlock. No one else is reporting the problem.
  3. Dumpster ordered for West. The one Space Saver ordered got used by us, now we've got one coming.
  4. 4th floor conference room - people are scheduling it for use - it is about 80% done - table and chairs only, not technical.
  5. Russ has turned in his letter of resignation with two weeks notice. He will help in the Facilities move and train on his job functions. He has asked if he can keep his cell phone. That is a policy decision - it is not decaled equipment. We are currently evaluating the elimination of excess cell phones.
Library Human Resources
  1. All faculty searches are ongoing.
  2. DLC Data Search Librarian - end of July. The person is a foreign national - it will take awhile to line up all of the paperwork. They have to have a green card/SSN for a prolonged period of time. It could be six weeks before they see one dime.
  3. Lots of retirements.
  4. Sustained performance resolved.
  5. Recommendation on re-class - will check on it at the Director's meeting.
  6. Staff recognition committee - need to discuss with Dale - holiday reception and convocation, food and entertainment - what budget the money comes from. Also: picnics, orientation lunches and workshops.
  7. Training Room West - won't be functional until late July-early August - don't schedule until then.
  8. Public Services Technical Coordinator position - interviews scheduled today and tomorrow. Problem is the salary - both are great candidates, but they both already make more than the $36,000 we are offering. Brian notes it is possible to increase the offer based on credentials.
  9. June 20 - West party for staff
    June 29 - Martha Hruska's going away party
    August 22 (2-4PM) - West Faculty Open House
  10. Search for a new Library Director is underway. Carol Drum has been tapped to serve on the committee. Vacancy was noted in the newspaper.
  1. Two interviews scheduled for the Public Services Technical Coordinator.
  2. Servers to be installed this week: video server for Erich and security server for Facilities. The latter needs to be functional by July 5th. The issue of power in the Systems server room is part of the hold up.
  3. Public computer configuration - trouble getting them set up - port activation has not yet been sent to CNS.
  4. HSSS - small issue - a computer sent for public use was reconfigured and given to staff.
  5. New IP space for West should be done.
  6. Barbara Gundersen requested three workstations for students - claimed they turned in three when they moved to East.
  7. UPS issue - six flat-paneled monitors were delivered to the second floor - signed for by someone up there. They were addressed to Systems Room 10. Will talk to UPS at the meeting tomorrow.


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