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Support Services Meeting Notes
June 20, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Jill is out today.
  2. Will is down in Systems working on the Exchange server (email is down).
  3. End of fiscal year - Barbara and crew trying to get the budget done.
  4. The Facilities crew did an excellent job designing a more elegant sign for the non-operational southwest door.
  1. Email server is down. We do have a new Exchange server on order. Most of the problem stems from the horrendous floods of spam over the weekend. The disk is filled up - have to make space.
  2. A bigger, faster disk should help.
  3. We are thinking of going to yearly service for backup. This is a service provided by CNS. It would be cheaper in the long run. We'll just have to make sure it works for us. We can try it on a trial basis. CNS would provide 24/7 backup for all offsite, as well as security.
  4. Filtering email - SPF - often kicks out the good staff as well. Solution could be to send all email to the trash and just pick out the good stuff.
Business Services
  1. What has to be done for the year-end? We're $79,000 over budget right now.
  2. Travel is a problem. Reimbursements may not happen until the end of July or August.
H.R. - Trudi
  1. This week - nothing major.
  2. Next week - town meeting, June 30th.
  3. Calendar - master calendar in public folders. Pseudo entity on Exchange; will have administrative events listed. Martha and Dale are working on it. Outlook is still being used for Resources. Should be rolled out today or tomorrow.
  1. Leak at ALF - engineer came out, tried to pin him down as to why the incoming air duct is not insulated. It is not designed to be waterproof. One contractor that PPD contacted came out. At least it is moving; some action is being taken.
  2. Fire alarm repairs - hung up in PeopleSoft - can't get parts. Problems: Room 200 East (voice announcement not audible) and ALF - board is bad. These are not life threatening. Safety is not an issue. Everyone in the department is aware of the problem.
  3. AC - will it come on with the emergency power in the new West? No, only the lights come on with the emergency generator. It is not designed to carry the AC. Historically, power has not been out all that long. Power on campus is not GRU - the main feed is from Tampa: Florida Power Plant. We buy water (and network) from GRU.
  4. Emergency personnel - there are 50 emergency people on campus with PPD. We are to notify them of problems in the buildings during emergencies. If there is a major catastrophe, we may have to bring in portable air. The 50 emergency people will be on campus during such events. In reality, it is often more important to know how to recover from, than prepare for, these type of situations. They expect us to inspect the buildings and then let them know where the problems are located. Facilities will inspect all Library buildings - note leaks, then call them in.
  1. The initial slate of candidates is assembled for the HR Coordinator position (Denise Bogart's old job). Interviews should begin soon.


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