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Support Services Meeting Notes
June 23, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Floors in West - we thought more would have been done over the weekend. They floated the first floor and are started to tile it. They are floating the second floor and scraping the third and fourth floors today.
  2. Escalators in West to be cleaned tomorrow. The same company working on that job is replacing a pulley on an elevator today.
  3. We are installing the conduit for the domed tables today.
  4. Circulation desk box removal is scheduled for tomorrow. We will need assistance from Systems.
  5. MSL - temporary offices are secured.
  6. Movers are AFA today.
  7. Movers will be in MSL on Wednesday to move items that don't need the door installed. Looks like the installation of the doors will be after July 4.
  8. An antique glass display case has been given to the Libraries. We will have it moved to Special Collections.
  1. We are catching up on DLOC backlog.
  2. ALEPH outage - only affected Nelda.
  3. Erich says Mark told him there was a SQL server problem today. Nothing has been reported to Systems.
  4. Baldwin - still working on it.
  5. Florida Newspapers - still working on it - we were approved to spend the money. This project has proved to be rather problematic.
  6. DLOC coordinator will be here next week. The project will soon need to move to Haiti to install equipment. All the equipment was purchased by the US Embassy. The problem we are having is how to cover the training - NYU and FIU asked to join, but everyone has backed out of going there to train.
  7. We are going to use the DLOC model to build a new religious grant. We would use the infrastructure of the DLOC model and distribute it through the Caribbean basin (Mexico and Guatemala).
  1. Associate Dean Technology & Support Services position posted. It will remain open until filled.
  1. Library Council meeting ran late today, which is why this meeting started 30 minutes late.
  2. Recap of Library Council - IT reorg: notion of change and elimination of the Liaison Program, stipend plan: adjustment for faculty, convocation, excellence awards, CECIL and the formation of AGGRSSR (Advisory Group for Research Services and Scholarly Resources).


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