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Support Services Meeting Notes
June 25, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Cynthia McLean, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. Room 450 East - got quotes for the carpeting, blinds, shelving, etc. Just waiting for the new fiscal year to begin.
  2. Room 1A - two muntins fell off the windows. The contractor has been contacted.
  3. Last Monday we had the final walk-through for West. We need the AC filters to be replaced on a regular basis. The preventative maintenance is not occurring as it should. There is a discrepancy over who should be doing it - PPD or the company that installed it. In the future, we will cover the PM in the contract.
  4. Circulation Desk boxes - the guy wants to bring us a mock-up box to try out. That's fine, but don't install it. Get everyone to agree in principle with it.
  5. Oak bookshelves from Wood You - they took the shelf back and will repair it, no problem.
  6. Education room 1504 - targeted for the end of July. Laptop cart will be the same as the one in West. No contract on the electrical, but we have a quote. Waiting for the start of the new fiscal year.
  7. Lenel security - Physical Plant just got the PO, so it will be another month, at least. Will notes that the video for West security is now working - as of the first week of June.
  8. Mail - transition to campus delivery - campus mail is about to get a new boss. Until then, any progress on this will be delayed.
  9. MSL leakage - John Humphrey has been dealing with it. We need to push for an architect to get involved. They can always do temporary fixes - it will need big project funds in order to be permanently repaired. Have to wait until the next fiscal year.
  1. Mini-grant program is coming together - Kelley is getting the terms in order. Meeting scheduled for July 9th. PR will start in August. Department chairs have been notified.
  1. New faculty - Seth Jerchower has been hired as the head of Judaica.
  1. Room 1A - equipment that was ordered in a rush from Media Tech - the projectors were billed as COD. Now Watkins is saying that we owe them $170. This should be billed to Dell/Media Tech. Watkins may be trying to double bill. A collection agency called Will. He gave them all the pertinent info. It would not be COD if they left the merchandise without receiving money. We are not off the hook for it yet.
  2. Reissuing old staff machines to public - need to buy cradles. They are $100 a piece. Would need to figure out the exact cost. Also need to factor in a security key and cable. Need to give Public Services a feasible option.
  3. New public image is ready for the public machines.
  4. CNS - IP phones for East, not soft phones.
  5. Mobile device synching with email - problem is still there, but it has not occurred as the server has not failed over. Will is working on it. That may be why Web mail disappeared briefly over the weekend.
  6. Pieces of the SAN (NT2R replacement) have been trickling in. We will start putting it together. There is training offered in July-August. Need to sign Logan up for it. Of, course we can't pay for it until the new fiscal year (July 9). We will try to sign him up now; hopefully, the money is not necessary for registration. If so, we may be able to reimburse. It is a costly amount.
  7. Xerox - PDF problem fixed, but the 1st PDF sent to print sticks - and you have to leave it in the queue with the errors for jobs to print. Xerox is working on the issue.
  1. Erich is out this week at ALA.
  2. Everything is going well.
  3. Mark would like to thank Systems for their help in getting the DLC running efficiently. The Web interface is no longer a problem. At times there is slowness with large searches.
  4. Extra drives for the Greenstone server - we may reconfigure it for JPEG2K?
  5. New DLC furniture is scheduled to arrive next week.
Business Services
  1. Invoices are all paid.
  2. New maintenance PO's.
  3. Closed on old PO's.
  4. Setting up new budget.
  5. $144,000 out? Cleared from our end. Need to check with Jack Waters to make sure his stuff is out. Bill will send the spreadsheet to Cynthia.
  1. None around - so have not been meeting. Two will be returning on Wednesday.
  2. We are working to get the subdomain to go to our Web site, so that: anytime someone directs a browser to or, they end up at: . The request was denied upon first submission. CNS wants to manage the subdomain. We will keep trying.
  3. Bulletin boards - the ones on the west end of the colonnade have disappeared. They are planning to move the newspaper machines into those areas. We told them it was not a good idea when they asked, but it has been done.


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