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Support Services Meeting Notes
June 30, 2008

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Erich Kesse, Angela Mott, Rob Roberts
  1. Lori Driscoll will now be attending this meeting, representing Access Support (Angela Mott is filling in for her today).
  2. HR - is out of this group as of Friday. Brian may still choose to attend.
  3. Theoretically, there has been lots of change as of Friday. Shelley's office is vacant, so, she must have moved.
  4. The Head of Library West is still to be appointed.
  5. Until a Dean of Technology Services is appointed (the position will remain open until filled), Michelle and Bill will continue in the same capacity.
  6. Currently, Bill expects to return to Systems. Systems will be renamed: Digital Infrastructure. It will contain an IT component (Systems) and Digital Support Services (DLC). There is a problem in that Systems is an academic tenure granting department and the name can't be changed pro forma. It would have to be changed by the faculty senate.
  7. PeopleSoft changes have been made - everyone is getting paid. There have been many discussions of stipends.
  8. No timelines for change.
  9. Erich will be leaving the DLC in late August (pending the sale of his house) and Stephanie will be in phased retirement. The two main people in charge will no longer be running the department.
  10. Access Support - Lori will coordinate overall Circulation.
  11. Storage Facility - will support all the branches. It will report directly to Judy. Ben Walker is in charge as of now. This could all change in the future. No FCLA involvement with the Storage Facility. Plans for the location are up in the air. The planning money is definitely there. The shared facility is going to happen. How and where is unknown. There will be an enormous IT component. Books will be shelved by size. There are currently 16 other institutions doing this. Eventually, Preservation will move out to that location. Also, possibly Digital Services and Cataloguing. An IT move would be unlikely. It will require a whole new software system. $5-$10 grand will be required for training. There are no subsidies for personnel. This will entail a building program and a migration program.
  1. West flooring project is complete.
  2. Circ desk boxes have been removed.
  3. The elevator in West is working.
  4. MSL - the first half of the move went well. The doors for the loading dock and basement have arrived.
  1. DLOC meeting cancelled. However, the Virgin Islands rep will be here visiting today.
  2. The Digital Central American Theology project is going forward. There are some copyright issues that Erich is addressing.
  1. The Web Unit would like clarification from the Directors: is the Web template a policy or is it optional? Per Bill, it is absolutely a policy. The Web Unit should enforce it. Bill is curious as to why it is even in question.
  2. The non-affiliation proposal we have in at Bridges - no action has been taken. Perhaps the Directors could try to push the issue?
  3. Will is getting a handle on the task for cross-training new and current staff. Evan has some how-to guides for the public that we will make available for everyone. Bill suggests adding it to Library Guides.
  4. Middle Managers meeting this week - Will is planning to speak with them about the demise of the Liaison program. Are we still planning to meet with the MSL department heads to discuss the IT reorg? Yes.
  5. We are planning our move to AD.
Access Support
  1. Michelle Foss is on vacation for a week.
  2. Lori Driscoll will be back tomorrow.
  3. The split from Access Services was official last Friday. A lot of items have been bumped up to Shelley.
  4. Self-checkout machine - should be operational today. It will be used for check-out purposes only.
  5. We are operating under the auspice that we have a copyright budget that is of the same amount as last year. If this changes, please let us know.
  6. Georgia State copyright case discussion. Depending on the ruling, it could affect Course Reserves.


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