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Support Services Meeting Notes
July 2, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Bizarre events in terms of the budget - 10% cuts at the state level. We may have to give back between 4-10%. It is a gigantic grab, but we'll have to go there. We know they're forming a cost-cutting taskforce for UF. The Libraries may have some wiggle-room. Salaries, West: immediate way to save money. We are currently awaiting instruction. We do have a lot of money in OPS and salary savings. Discussion of the book budget and electronic serials occurs. Try to determine what you could do to support 4-14% cuts.
Business Services
  1. Supply room - will be distributing budgets department-by- department. Will start around August 1st. We will have to get a PCard for one member of each department who will be in charge of the ordering. This will require some training.
  1. Room 450 East is ready to roll.
  2. DLC - furniture is in the process of being installed over the next two/three days. Only two of the old desks are spoken for - the rest will go out to ALF.
  3. Book theft - towards the end of last week, our books were turning up at a local bookstore. Books were removed from MSL, tape cut out, card number removed - they knew what they were doing. They tracked down an inactive student ID. May or may not be involved. These were expensive science books. This had been going on for a few weeks.
  4. The bean bags have been removed.
  5. Lenel camera update - John found a contact at CNS, Robert Scott. The program needed to be loaded to his computer. He is dogging the problem - which is that it has not been enabled at PPD.
  6. Escalator cleaning - they want to shut it down to do it. Nation-wide, escalators are cleaned annually. It is a long process by which they remove three steps, clean them, let them dry - and then take out three more. Need to get an estimate. Christmas break would probably be the best time to schedule it.
  7. MSL project - sent Harold an email asking if it's on his list of projects for this year, explaining that it has been an ongoing problem for several years. Have also heard that there are leaks in CSE.
  8. Study tables - domes placed on two of them - looks good.
  1. Not much - meeting to finalize the mini-grant project.
  2. Public relations on the project to start on August 20.
  3. Florida Humanities Council grant in July? Erich is inquiring.
  1. Exchange/mobile device synch problem still exists. T-Mobile and Sprint are not synching. Will is working on it.
  2. SAN parts are in - we are starting to assemble it. Training to take place mid-July/August.
  3. We will also need to register for the security course.
  4. Public workstations - Will has examples of lock-down devices to show Bill.
  1. Tech position - out of give viable candidates, only two were interested when they found out the salary was fixed. Erich scheduled two interviews; one did not show this morning and the other he is unable to contact.
  2. Trinidad - Erich is supposed to be there - but they should be providing funds to support it.
  3. DLOC grant subcontract - came too late - Betsy and Erich are dealing with it, trying to spend. Last year, the funds were spent on converting to microfilm. Will try that again this year.
  4. Newspaper grant - $160,000 left - film needs to be reprocessed.
  5. ASERL thing to convert microfilm - Theology on micro reel. ALA is badgering them for an alliance. The Baldwin's Children's Library made it in, but Berkeley uploaded theirs over ours and got the credit. We will reload it over theirs.
  1. Word on tenure & promotion.
  2. Word on promotions.
  3. Two sets of faculty interviews: Info Commons Librarian and Tech Support Librarian. The latter is a newly created position that reports to Jason Fleming.
  4. The science librarian position closed.
  5. The search for the chair of Special Area Studies has been suspended.
  6. Interviews ongoing for Margo Johnson's replacement.
  7. Also hiring: ILL, DLC and three more assistants - one is Brandi's replacement.
  1. Does anyone know of anything wrong with a library building that has not been reported? If so, let us know now.


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