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Support Services Meeting Notes
July 9, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Purchasing resumed on Friday. 32 orders out. PCard ordering is now open.
  2. Powerpoint presentation is ready for the Supply Budget training presentation. Departmental budgets for supplies will be the amount spent last year - with 10% knocked off. Each department will be responsible for keeping track of their own budget.
  3. The new hire in Business Services, Jennifer Ellenwood, started today.
  1. Brad is out all week.
  2. Brian is out today. Limited mail delivery.
  3. Request from Lori - regarding more chairs for some missing in the carrels. They aren't really missing, they just get dragged around.
  4. 2nd & 3rd floor stairwell doors - Bahar is requesting a PO. The project is closed out. Need to call Bruce and find out about the paperwork - make sure Bahar has it. Get the info, and then Barbara will call Bahar. Need specifics.
  5. Sent request for a mock up of the terminal box redesign for the Circ and Ref desks.
  6. Pat Haskins is requesting old tables for MSL107 - we will take the old lounge tables from West and give them to MSL.
  7. Top rail on the northwest stairwell in West broke off. It is made of stainless steel. Will have PPD come and screw/weld it back in place.
  8. MSL - old stairwell doors are lock-matic. They are currently broken: they will not open. They are fire doors. Will need to call the vendor.
  9. Wallet cards - new ones to be issued.
  10. Rob has an appointment with the new UF mailroom guy.
  1. Grant management meeting today.
  2. Proposal for Florida Humanities Council upcoming.
  3. Schedule for committee members to go to public relations.
  4. We are finalizing the Web for the mini-grant program.
  5. Campus to submit NIH - we may be permitted to apply.
  1. Lori Driscoll has asked for assistance with the ALEPH 18 print daemon. She and Matthew Daley will be out at the time of the ALEPH upgrade. Find out if Evan Wack can assist.
  2. Anti-virus server trouble - we have taken it down and are rebuilding it. It was not updating new computers. Should be back up today.
  3. Public machine redistribution - should happen this week. We have a plan in place. Need to get the locks ordered and in place before actually delivering them.
  4. Good news: no complaints about Xerox.
  5. Education classroom - scheduled for the first week of August. Rob needs to check and make sure the electric is done.
  1. Gus' replacement has been hired: Alex Swanson.
  2. Furniture replacement is still ongoing. There have been a few problems. Much space reassignments - need to give ports and phone numbers to Systems. There is not enough electrical.
  3. We are bringing the CopiBooks out of their original location. We are creating a mini network. We are taking them out of the back room. Laurie bought a switch for the set-up. Do not enable the remote management of the switch. To bring the CopiBooks out, we have to get rid of the flatbed scanners.
  4. Betsy is helping Erich with the DLOC grant.
  5. Newspaper grant - transformation - will stop sending with data problems.
  6. Digitized building manual for the new building - we have an opening now - we can do it.
  1. Public Services types are panicking about ALEPH. Endeca was created as a middle layer to talk to Ex Libris. We decided to go with Endeca. It was supposed to be implemented this month. The test crashed and burned within the first few minutes of use. Everyone is concerned. The decision was made to delay the implementation of version 18. FCLA has the roll-out times perfectly assigned for the various universities. Uncertain if we will upgrade to 18. It needs to be up and running and debugged.
  2. No more info on the hiring freeze. Do not expect that to be the last impact. It will be a lean year. Learn how to conserve.


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