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Support Services Meeting Notes
July 10, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Systems is getting ready for their move - Rob will get some boxes to them. Abatement to start August 1st. Room 1 - the Reading Room - should be closed. Systems will have access to the server room and vaults.
  2. Two loading dock doors are open in West - 2 different directions - for the book movers only.
  3. Supplies are back online.
  4. Closing rounds - Ben Walker and Jim Stevens will meet with John Humphrey.
  5. Facilities is getting the signage program up and running. Need to put up signs designating Business Services and HR.
  6. Brad to get power to Systems server room for video server.
  7. Need to get Systems painted while the staff has vacated.
  1. Exchange server fixes - may or may not be working - updates had to be done. Back ups failed. Will do a full back-up tonight.
  2. Dell service issue - classrooms.
  1. Patron/staff customer service training sessions to be held and will be mandatory. HR will track attendance.
  2. Staff structure review - LTA and archivists position descriptions have been approved. Advancements are in place. Health and Law are in agreement with the classification.
  3. Kristy Mills - new HR employee - she'll be cross training for two days, and then Evelyn will go over to Business Services. Will need to make a general announcement about Evelyn's new role.
  4. Request from student assistant supervisors regarding the delays in some students pay - off-cycle checks -is it due to PeopleSoft errors or missed deadlines?
  5. Restructuring the salaries of staff with duties outside the library realm - we can look into it. Dale will be speaking with the Provost about how much we need. Our salaries across the board should correspond with rates across campus. We'll ask the stadium to look at all of our positions. That will mean freezing those that are overpaid. Don't expect this stuff to go through for 4-5 months.
  1. Get any changes in your OPS budget to Bill.
  2. Food/cooking policy - only in the designated staff lounge areas.


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