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Support Services Meeting Notes
July 11, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Trudi DiTrolio, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Jill Skotko
  1. Air up in HR is not working very well - it gets very hot.
  2. Bill will be out of the office Wed. July 13-Tues. July 19. This group will not meet next week. Bill notes this will be the last time we meet on a Monday at 9AM. Please make sure your Outlook calendars are up-to-date as he tries to reschedule the day/time of this meeting.
Business Services
  1. Barbara Oliver reports that they have secured the lease to Butler. It has a 90-day lease to withdraw. The bid for moving is on the street. Pre-bid is July 27 - only to move from ALF to Butler. Then we get the bids to move back into West. Jan-April return.
  2. All raise files have been entered into PeopleSoft. There was a slight problem with Grace, but it was resolved.
  3. Budget notice - prior year encumbrance should be released soon.
  4. Business Services will be losing Dolopo for a short time period. She is going to HR for 6-8 weeks to fill in for Jill until a new person can be hired.
  1. Interviews for the Denise Bogart/Jill Skotko position are set for July 19. There are four candidates in the pool.
  2. Will is getting ready to interview for the IT Practitioner position in Systems.
  3. Heidi Sents, Brandy Barents and Susan Remer have recently resigned.
  4. Barbara notes that we need vacant lines for the budget.
  5. Trudi note that the Library Council Retreat is scheduled for all day tomorrow. Topics to include LibQual, Objectives, public printing, funding, etc.
  1. Will just got back from vacation. Hurricane Dennis cut short his vacation in Pensacola.
  2. The Greenstone server has been installed by needs the operating system.
  3. Public printing - needs some hand work - multiple restarts after last round of security updates. MSL is still not working at this time.
  4. Will schedule interviews for the IT Practitioner position today.
  5. Power installation in the documentation/conference room - Brad is working on it today.
  6. Friday morning the power went down in the server room. There was a balancing problem - a gang of eight plugs had to be separated. Will try to get it done today.
  7. Barbara asks if we need to buy any new servers. Not right now, as we have too many to get up/running/migrated.
  8. If the Tivoli backup system works for us, we will not have to replace NT2R. Tivoli cost is ten grand per year.
  9. Barbara would like to get all the necessities of life purchased as soon as possible due to the cost of moving into West.
  1. Need to firm up the furniture to be purchased for West. Access Services staff will be getting all new items. Need to generate a list.
  2. Barbara notes she was able to get UF to agree to get people to create the carrels in the new Library West. It will take 4-5 months for delivery.
  3. Of our funds, one million is going for furniture. Dale has asked Administration for half a million. No reply yet. There is a $200,000 request from Public Services for things including new gates.
  4. There are three workstations in MSL waiting for Trudi - part of serial ADA.
  5. Paul Victor has reported he is unable to sit for long periods of time. He is requesting a workstation that he can stand at. He has been asked to provide a doctor's note but has failed to do so at this time. No action will be taken until he has done so.
  6. Robert is finishing patching/painting room 19F in Systems.
  7. VOIP phones are in at ALF. There is concern if the network can handle the extra traffic. Powered switch is needed. 10-11 phones. 8-9 will be transferred to West.
  8. Fire marshal - electrical inspector out to ALF - found infraction in the doors propped open. Door stops need to be removed. Skip Rockwell gave them magnetic door sticks (for free).
  9. Rob had two and a half people out last week. Brian is out this week.
  10. Pocket cards (list of phone numbers of Directors and Department Heads) updated.


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