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Support Services Meeting Notes
July 16, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Will Chaney
Absent: Debra Fetzer
  1. Debra Fetzer is out today.
  2. Bill is saddened to announce the death of Susan Wright, a former UF computer programmer and environmental reform activist.
Business Services:
  1. For the first time since the switch to PeopleSoft, the Libraries closed a perfect payroll period. All hours were submitted and approved before the deadline.
  2. The inventory list of total collection sizes has been submitted to Facilities, for submission to the Board of Governors.
  3. The fiscal year is closing, and the new fiscal year will open next week.
  4. Maintenance contracts are going out.
  5. Annual Statistics are being pulled.
  6. Departmental P-Cards will be issued, due to the decentralization of supplies.
  1. The VOIP project is moving ahead in Smathers. There will be a meeting today. Estimates show that a slightly different phone than those being used in West will be installed in Smathers. Facilities is working on setting up virtual extensions in case of a vacancies. They have identified phone numbers for each department, and it looks as though a number will be assigned to each person, but each department will also have a central number.
  2. Rob filed down the Panic Bar and is looking for a pad to cushion it.
  3. Rob still hasn't heard from Bahar but will contact her regarding the stairwell purchase order.
  4. Some of the Marston Science Library stairwells are not functioning. Rob will meet with Bill today to investigate.
  5. On Wednesday, Facilities will disconnect the MSL L007 tables and replace them with old Library West lounge tables.
  6. The contractor should be stopping by the Education Library sometime this week.
  7. The Digital Library Center is digitizing.
  8. There is not word yet from the mail order.
  1. The anti-virus server is now working.
  2. The security system is up, though there is still some question as to who will review recordings. Facilities cannot see the archive as of now, but Logan is working on fixing that. It's anticipated that Facilities won't need to review the archive unless there is a reported incident. Facilities is still waiting in Linell software.
  3. Due to the anticipated decrease in budget, Systems is asking that departments place a hold on any orders that are not completely necessary.
  4. The Security Certificate needs an additional license in order to work properly with the server. Currently, PDA synchronization fails when the Security Certificate fails.
  5. There has been some trouble with back-ups. Will will call Veritas today to investigate.
  6. Bill asked if anyone had heard about UF being added to a blacklist, as there has been some widespread e-mail delivery delays. Will responded that he received a queue overfill notice, and will investigate.
Digital Library Center:
  1. DLC is awaiting the last of the furniture shipment. They are also waiting on additional electric, expected to arrive on Tuesday.
  2. Most contributions for the OCR Grant have been submitted. The DLC are asking for a letter of support from Judy. An FTP link needs to be set up for expected voluminous content submissions.
  3. The Florida Digital Archive is meeting on Thursday, from 11am-12pm.
  4. Laurie Taylor is almost finished with the FHC Grant she has been working on.
  5. DLC has been experiencing streaming FX upon audio/video file download.
Human Resources:
  1. Due to anticipated budget cuts, a University-wide hiring freeze is in effect. There is no anticipated effect on benefits, which will renew January 1, 2008. It looks as though employer premiums will rise, but not employee premiums. Dental benefits are subject to normal fluctuation. The Provost has authorized the Libraries to continue searching for candidates to fill vacancies which were posted before the freeze took effect. HR will not seek to fill anticipated vacancies. OPS and Federal Work-Study students are not affected by the freeze.
  2. All promotions and raises have gone through, effective July 1, 2007. Second-year raises may be affected by budget cuts. November bonuses are still anticipated.
  3. Alachua County will issue prescription cards. Brian will search for more information on this.
  1. In terms of the Endeca OPAC situation, the Directors will be more involved than previously.
Meeting adjourned.


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