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Support Services Meeting Notes
July 21, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Construction meeting on the MSL project - nodes in front of one set of doors to be completed by August 8. There will always be an entrance to the Library. The only question is the ADA factor - that is the contractor's problem. L107 doors look excellent. The concrete cut out and terraces on the loading dock should be complete by tomorrow. The entrance will be sandbagged, just for blow. It is pitched; they are not expecting any water.
  2. We are waiting for the PO for the CM reception area. We are building the desks.
  3. Delivery of the palates for the map case move - it will be an inside delivery to avoid the rain.
  4. Rob emailed Dave Dayner to confirm the dates for the escalator cleaning. This has been set up with Shelley. The normal entrance to the building will be closed. We will need to get a guard for the alternate entrance.
  5. PO Box update - to be discussed today at the Library Council meeting. Bill asks that the new PO numbers be listed on the Facilities Web page at that time.
  6. Chairs for the Library IT conference room - no longer necessary, as the staff meeting has been relocated to the East conference room.
  7. Brad is out this week.
Information Technology
  1. Grover goes live today - in the IT department only. Training sessions are scheduled for today and tomorrow for the general library populace. It should be live for all after noon tomorrow.
  2. We are looking for a high-capacity back-up drive for DLC. Bill has some questions about vital items not getting backed up. We need to manage what information is backed up. We should not have drives that are not backed up. Unless there is an explicit arrangement not to back items up, everything has to be backed up. Logan has suggested the new high-capacity tape drive as for added backup speed and restoration. Per Bill, strategies and devices can be taken care of later. Right now we must make sure everything is backed up. SAN provides duplicate info in different locations, so that is acceptable back up. This topic will be on the agenda tomorrow for tomorrow's joint meeting.
  3. Telephone issue - phone management is likely to be moved to the Library IT department in the near future.
  1. Florida Newspaper fiscal closed. We're trying to get the project completed.
  2. Stephanie is out this week.
  3. Laurie will be out this afternoon, as will Erich - so Randall will represent DLC at the LC meeting.
  4. Special Collections had questions for Erich.
  5. Digitized version of the Seminole - any problems with us putting it up?
  6. The Libraries' Flicker page features the hawks on the plaza. One has been dubbed "Commander Bill" in reference to its perch on the ledge of Bill's office.
  7. Aymara project - from NCF - was awarded to LAC. We will be digitizing about 100 texts and tapes.
  1. HR - position/people song & dance. Associate Dean of Technology & Support Services position - two viable candidates. Position will remain open until filled. Review of applicants began on July 14. Nothing imminent at this juncture.
  2. Discussion on use of money - extended hours. We will continue this policy for West and MSL. Will has questions regarding Deep Freeze/updates for public machine during the extended hours. Problem to be addressed.
  3. To be discussed at LC: if UF routes technology fees to the Libraries, what will we do with it? Bill is suggesting the Santa Claus machine - it will do 3D modeling, etc. We would be proving high tech opportunity that is too expensive for the home user.
  4. John Ingram is going on sabbatical in two weeks. Who will be in charge? De facto plan for coverage?
  5. Middle Managers - should it be a committee to terminate? Is it useful? Should it be renamed? We are going through and reviewing/axing committees.


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