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Support Services Meeting Notes
July 23, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Erich Kesse, Cynthia McLean, Rob Roberts
  1. Exchange problems are still ongoing. "Trying to connect" is the error message currently displaying. We suspect it is a domain controller issue. Logan is looking into it. We will call Dell, if necessary, for assistance.
  2. Winston wanted it mentioned that he received an email from Public Services asking that he change authentication from barcode to UFID. Bill will follow-up.
  3. Switch for DLC - for the CopiBooks - Lori asked Logan to check into it. Right now they are still using the switch that Laurie bought.
  4. FTP - 30TB of data for DLC. There is only 4.5TB on UFDC. This would be a transfer method to send and receive content. Based on a grant. Are the internet archives on Internet 2? If not, it would take a long time to transfer the data.
  5. Back-ups are running better - we made some registry changes - still some failures with SQL server.
  6. New SAN server - it has been racked. Logan is scheduled to attend VM ware training next week.
  1. Room 205 - Grand Reading Room East - Special Collections would like to move map cases in/out in the half walled area. The cases would be loaded. There is a concern about the weight. Need to get an engineer from PPD to look into it. They can't be moved until we get the okay.
  2. Agotti is here - on the 6th floor to do the install. Rob will give Bahar a heads-up.
  3. Cameras - Rob just found out that all cameras on campus are blocked because they don't want anyone to access the nuclear reactor on campus. All camera ports are blocked. Bill will talk to CNS.
  4. Air handler motor on the 3rd floor of West is burned out. They are unable to access it to remove it. They are going to have to cut it out of the air handler. Bill and Rob will check out this situation.
  5. Circ desk mock-up will be in tomorrow.
  6. The southwest doors in MSL that were permanently locked - Lenel freed them up. They have been released and are working. Rob will get a quote to add the to the MSL project.
  7. All of the tables in MSL have been moved.
  8. Education - Rob has a call into Ed to see if it is complete.
  9. Email from Bahar - stairwell repair to come from construction funds? Bill will talk to her.
  1. We are about to launch the Mini-Grant Program.
  2. Wednesday will be the first presentation.
  3. Deadline will be October 1st.
Business Services
  1. Things are running smoothly.
  2. PeopleSoft just closed the books.
  1. We are going ahead with full preservation.
  2. VOIP is coming - we are taking time to figure it out.
  3. We have a SYSHELP in to deal with port problems. The new furniture is blocking ports. The problem is with the privacy panels. Need to get Brad over to look at the situation.
  4. Switch Laurie purchased - it is currently being used by Erich, Laurie and Randall. Need ports activated.
  5. Internet Archive Grant to be awarded in August.
  6. DLC is waiting for the rest of the furniture. Erich will call to check on it today.
  7. Five new retiring female faculty members have requested that their papers be digitized. It will take about a week to do. All of the women are in the Women's International Study collection.
  8. DLOC coordinator resigned. He will be replaced as it is a grant position.
  9. Furniture to move out - coordinating with A. Turner to move it. Old desk to be surveyed.
  1. Various outages and absences.
  2. Carol Turner will be leaving.
  3. The Administration will be looking at the whole organization differently. Expect change, reorganization. Changes in start in August. Task force will be formed. Expect a large revamp of the Library organization.
  4. VISTA is off for awhile.
  5. Endeca stress test - need to get all staff to pound on it for 15 minutes this afternoon.
  6. No update on the budget. 4.5% cut anticipated.


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