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Support Services Meeting Notes
July 28, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Stairwell painting - PPD is no longer responsible for painting. Rob sent a request to Chris (was in charge of the old paint shop) to send a contractor. He is suggesting industrial enamel paint - it will smell, but is not toxic.
  2. Access Support - removing boxes, desensitizing books: concern about the location of the location of the switches. We will need to relocate the on/off switch for staff.
  3. Palates for Maps cases - 66 palates were custom-made. When the hard wood was delivered, it was infested with beetles. We no longer want the palates. The company will take them back and give us credit, minus the delivery & shipping charges.
  4. MSL move started - construction update - they started late because they did not find the utility lines.
  5. Education - swaying shelf - heavy objects on the top. Refilled the shelf with heavy items on the bottom: problem solved.
  6. Education - fire marshal was conducting his yearly inspection and fell down the stairs. He claims the lighting was bad. PPD will install new lighting. Need to inform Iona that the lighting in that area will be changed.
  7. PO Boxes - Journalism & Music use PO Box numbers from their college. They will need to convert. We have established a timeframe of September to start. Vendors will need to be notified.
  8. Antique display case - moved to West; however, it will not fit in the elevator. It was slated to go in the 3rd floor display area. It has been taken back to the warehouse.
  9. Leak abatement in East? AC condensation in room 205. PPD is on the case as we speak.
Access Support
  1. Self-check machines are hooked up. There are issues with new books not checking out. We are trying to figure out why. Need to check the polarity of the strip. Also, we need better signage and instructions.
  2. Other big projects - book replacement policy - waiting to hear from FCLA. It is basically ready to go - just missing one piece: guidelines with Acquisitions.
  3. Delivery of Health & Law materials - their first floor is being taken apart - we are sticking them in our department. We need to put a code in place to mark their books. Need to figure out the logistics of who will do the delivery.
  1. Campus AD - public migration on track for August 15. MS shared access to replace Deep Freeze - it works better. Logan fount it. Hopefully, it will have a shorter maintenance time.
  2. Grover modifications - becoming increasingly user-friendly.
  3. SAN in East - had disk corruption. It is back online now.
  4. NT19 back up? Logan is working on an IBM backup tape drive solution - 9TB storage space. Tivoli - another backup solution - we may go that way. Need to compare the costs.
  1. Haiti - they are waiting for a table to use to set the equipment on. Then, we will solidify the arrangement. Should be scheduled for the first week in September.
  2. Trying to put a unit in Trinidad - we're waiting on approval from their library. Library of Congress is buying it with Eunesco money.
  3. National Newspaper Project - package of disks arrived on Friday - it required a signature - was sent back. They have redelivered and it is in Facilities.
  1. Shibboleth meeting at Bridges this morning. Should be in production by next month. Roll-out scheduled for Fall 2009.
  2. Machen - raises - faculty ones prove problematic.
  3. Please get your feedback in for the Development candidate.
  4. No word on the Technology Dean position.
  5. Committee kill list - Web 2.0 would like to go. Bill would like to discuss that with Laurie.


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