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Support Services Meeting Notes
July 31, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Library West is scheduled to open on Wed Aug 2 1:00PM.
  1. Friday afternoon it was discovered that there was no certificate of occupancy for West. The temporary one had expired. We do actually have it now. Nothing major was found on the walk-through.
  2. Construction on Starbucks to start.
  3. No parking spaces for users at West, except handicap.
  4. Six or seven bean bags? Need to check on what we ordered.
  5. Public high-end area - there are some big pieces of shelving that need to be removed from there.
  6. There is junk in front of the elevators on the first floor that need to go as well.
Business Services
  1. Barbara has scheduled the move of Judaica for August 23. Contact for Judaica is Emily Madden. Yael is out of the country. Shelving in Education is to remain the same. Iona may ask for help to shift her collection.
  2. Shelving needs to be out of Butler by August 31. That is also when our utilities out there will be shut off. The dumpster also needs to be removed by that date.
  3. Barbara needs the quote for the paint/mildew removal in Systems. Per Rob, it will all go under maintenance - no charge.
  4. Study rooms to remain locked despite the Wednesday opening. Carrels as well.
  1. Systems - floor work and paint.
  2. Staff elevator West - need to have it set by Wednesday. Should not open on the second floor.
  3. Grad student carrels - open until fall - still working on the grad student database.
  4. Delivered printing table to Circulation.
  5. Systems - need new modular desk for the new hire, Amy Polk. Bill insists we keep track of his old desk from Systems.
  6. Yael is moving into David Hickey's old space - there is no desk there. Also, Gary's old position has no desk. In conclusion, we need to buy three new desks.
  7. Brian is out today. Bill will sort the mail and we're going to get a student to deliver it.
  1. Dell Media Tech - set to start on the West classrooms August 11 and they say they will be finished on August 20.
  2. (4) DVD 4-head Hi Fi VCR combo for use in the Lib West Media Area/Classroom Project are back ordered. May switch the brands in order to get the order to go through.
  3. The crew arrived today to start the abatement in the old Systems area. We have to give them a call ahead of time if we need to get into the area.
  4. West opening - Xerox printing has been tested.
  5. Mailbox backups - need to talk with Veritas.
  6. Maps server - NT15 - defrag problems. Need quote from Dell for defrag software.
  7. Problem with forms-to mail - we have a couple open tickets on the problem sites. Suzy is the expert, but she will be leaving in October. Need to get someone else up-to-speed on it before she is gone.
  8. Need to get Tom Minton added back to PAULA so we can keep up with him as far as assigning trouble tickets goes.
  9. Dell - Media Tech classrooms - they will work on the weekend. Facilities will need advanced notice as the building will be on intercession hours.
  1. Town Meeting last week - discussed staff reorg - if you have any more questions, Brian would be glad to answer them.
  2. New employee recognition committee - picnics, meetings, parties, and convocation will all fall under this group.
  3. September Town Meeting - will include the search committee for the new Director of the Libraries.
  4. HR is attempting to track down staff position descriptions and faculty evaluations.
  5. Committee structures review - a committee to review committees.
  6. Faculty appointment season - UF Library faculty. Faculty Senate elections are in the spring only.
  7. Training and Development registration - trying to roll it out - the Customer Service training is a good example. We're trying to register people in Outlook. Any suggestions? Let Brian know.
  8. Student work permits should be available on August 1st. Library student assistant positions will now be listed online - HR web page.
  9. Brian is meeting with Dr. Silver - she is a trailing spouse who may/may not be interested in the HSSS position.
  10. Kristy is out for the next three days.


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