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Support Services Meeting Notes
August 6, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Tigert is asking us to justify we had money left over in our budget. The state is looking to retrieve monies not spent last year.
  2. We can identify problems, such as MSL, that would cost more. We can put together a list if need be. Half in going to everyday expenses they did not want to convert.
  3. Suddenly, there is budget scrutiny. Do not count on it being a good year. It is looking bad.
  4. OPS budget will be 4% less or more.
  5. Do not plan on using any new resources for a project. Avoid any project requiring massive training.
  6. By January they may discover more money, provided the real estate bubble and natural disaster situations do not turn dire.
  7. If there is a request for a callback, it will hurt us. We need to be as prudent as possible.
  1. Rob passed out the new emergency contact numbers wallet cards.
  2. Peter will be out all of this week.
  3. Turner is scheduled for two more weeks. They are going to move the Maps cases in East. They will also be working in MSL, West and Education.
  4. Rob Roberts and Brad will be doing the dome installation on the student workstations in West.
  5. Circ Desk boxes - Rob is working on the drawing. Bill and he will discuss it further.
  6. Media Tech is here today to work in Education. The laptop cabinet is being stored in room 1A East. Facilities will move it over to Education by the end of the week.
  7. Walnut tables - Education would like some of them. Journalism would like six chairs. Special Collections would like six tables. So, about half the tables are spoken for. The leftovers can be put in the long hallway in East.
  1. Media Tech is working on Education.
  2. Wall plate in East is scheduled to be done the week of Aug. 11 - Aug. 19. Saturday, August 11 - south tower. All servers will be down. The Libraries are closed that day (break week). The north tower work is scheduled for the following weekend, August 18. VOIP phones - Telecom has all of our information. We will put the conference-call model phone (originally ordered for the Systems' conference room) into the East conference room and switch the regular one ordered for the East conference room to Systems.
  3. Office supplies - CDs, batteries, etc. that we order for general use - Barbara says to send them to Business Services as a special order.
  1. The air conditioning people did not know where the dampers are when they came to work on the air flow situation. There is no air flow to the back of DLC.
  2. CopiBook tripods and switch set-up.
  3. Erich has requested some white boards for the East conference room. Will go to Directors for approval.
  4. ALF storage and processing area - rumors of DLC move. This is just one of many possibilities discussed. Would be years down the road. What is being requested from Erich is to determine how much space the DLC will need in four years from now.
  5. The recently hired replacement for Gus, Alex Swanson, did not work out. Matthew Mariner agreed to take a lateral into that position.
  6. Museum proposal is coming along. Need to get it to the Directors early in the week.
  7. State budget cuts - DLC has been getting lots of requests to microfilm items from public libraries - they want to digitize material that is microfilmed and their equipment can no longer read (and they have no funds to repair). We are financially unable to do so at this time.
  1. August 16 - 10AM MSL107 - training for OPS/student hiring. We are going to push the cost savings of hiring students who qualify for work study. Convocation set for August 15. Should be quite entertaining.
  2. UFCC is kicking off. The Support Services division will be well represented.
  3. Seth Jerchower is on campus.
  4. Haiyun Cao has resigned.
  5. Trudi is out for the rest of August.
  6. An agreement for reimbursement with the united faculty is being discussed.
  1. Information forthcoming regarding information from the task force - in terms of where non-library people (students & faculty) think Library services should go in the future. The gathering of the info should be done by October and compiled by December. Will be come part of the goals and objectives/strategic planning for the Libraries.


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