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Support Services Meeting Notes
August 7, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Escalator - has been breaking down. Needs to be fixed.
  2. Painters are on site in Systems.
  3. We had an incident where a person was cut on an Agotti chair. Apparently, staples were shot on the inside. Need to check and see if it is pervasive. It caused a pretty decent slice.
  4. Card access - roll-up door in Facilities - would be good if we could put a card swipe on the outside of the door. Will run this through building funds. All complaints go through the building company - not PPD for a year.
  5. Need to send Grace a request to put security on a unit. John should have a laptop. Protocol for accessing the unit off campus - have to go through VLAN. May take a while to get it working remotely.
  6. All fax units will go digital, except one per office that will be analog. Need headsets. New one will be digital.
  7. Wireless VOIP for West. Concern as to whether VLAN is available in this building. Will check.
  8. Cell phone issue - out.
  9. Information tree is unavailable. Telecom - to find out how. Call distribution is ready for use. We have an operator in place.
  10. Emily - over there now - yes, VOIP phones - get them started for the end of the calendar year.
  11. Paging interface in Library West - need to create an automated closing announcement. Not everyone will have access to it.
  1. Hope to receive all position descriptions in the near future. Deadline is August 11. As soon as that's done, we'll review it all for the purpose of staff restructuring.
  2. Next Tuesday will be the second in a series of OPS hiring/budgeting presentation in MSL 107.
  3. HR forum this week - process of raises - rules of merit.
  4. HSSS chair position - Thursday and Friday.
  5. Hope to get a discussion of Maps librarians.
  6. Training and development at UF - up and running.
  7. Vacation times - Trudi this week, Tina Aug 10-21. Kristy should have the roles to process new folks during that time.
  8. Student employment has permits available.
  9. Paul Wartenburg is earning 1FTE faculty - and has requested an OPS brought to full hire.
  10. New public services IT position to be hired.
  11. Trudi borrowed 3 easels for MSL - they haven't been returned. She is out. They are needed at the Reitz Union tomorrow. Brian will track them down.
  1. Last Tuesday - 1980 Supreme Court ruling - college campus trying to unionize. Faculty was deemed managerial. It would be illegal to have a faculty union. Trade unions should not be a part of collective bargaining. Overlaying interests - faculty senate.
  2. Bill and Suzy will be out all next week.
  3. Director's meeting - finalized overall OPS budget and various other budgets.
  4. Guarantee on carry-forward? We have it, but it was over. Redid - closed. PeopleSoft problem.
  5. OPS budget increased by 200 - equivalent of nine LTA salaries. Why so many semi-OPS? 'Dirty', mind-numbing jobs no one else would want to do? Starving college kids fit the bill.
  6. 12 cent an hour increase. Extra money into books. We have enough money this year - should be comfortable based on was spent - one million in expense last year.
Business Services
  1. Interesting call from the Law school - interim dean taking over - Butler Plaza issue came up. Pat Shannon just quit and he was the one who dealt with the butler rental.
  2. Yael's desk order.
  3. Judaica collection - move set for August 18th.
  4. Barbara will be out August 24-September 12th.


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