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Support Services Meeting Notes
August 6, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, John Ingram, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Grace is out through Thursday, maybe Friday.
  2. Working on the Auxiliary Report.
  3. Working on the beginning of the year statement for the foundation.
  4. No real problems.
  5. Payroll went okay last week - only one off.
  6. OPS - report sent out caused confusion. Grace sent a follow-up email to explain that was not the whole budget. People still did not seem to get it.
  1. Lighting retrofit to start later this week in Library East. We are currently finalizing the schedule. They will mainly be working after hours. This is part of the UF energy-saving program.
  2. Room 450 East - waiting for the contractor to give us a date. We have a PO for the shelving. We're waiting for the contractor to remove the walls. We will re-carpet in there.
  3. Preservation ordered replacement sinks for their photography area. They have arrived and need to be installed.
  4. Temperatures in West - we've requested changes on floors 4, 5 and 6 - they say it's been done, but you cannot tell the difference. Facilities is supposed to be given access to the AC controls.
  5. Circ Desk mock-up to be picked up today. Week of the 27th it should be here. We will replace one of the current units with the new one.
  6. Dome installations for public desks in West to be installed this week.
  7. Education - Media Tech installation is done. They are moving furniture around in there. New furniture to ship September 5th.
  8. Security for the branches - plan to switch them all from CCure to Lenel.
  9. Broken stair on the stairwell in East - Facilities to look at it today. They will also check on the possible refinishing of all of those stairs. Have them check out the gap in the floor as well.
  1. Town meeting on mini-grants is this week: August 16.
  2. Grants to outside agencies.
  3. We are finalizing the judging criteria on the mini-grants.
  1. CNS - we now have gigabit Ethernet in the south tower. The upgrade went fine. Had a small problem with Exchange - just failed it over and it was okay.
  2. North tower upgrade scheduled for this upcoming weekend.
  3. Backup Exec software needs to be renewed - will submit it to Business Services to create a PO this week.
  4. Education classroom is finished.
  1. Convocation - Wed. Aug. 15.
  2. Kristy will be hosting a new student/OPS hiring seminar on August 16. She will push the advantages of hiring students that qualify for federal work study.
  3. UFCC - we had a meeting on Friday - everyone is very enthusiastic. We are planning a potluck lunch in addition to the raffle, etc.
  4. Kristy is out today - Wednesday.
  5. Reimbursement - United Faculty - no word.
  6. New hires: Chris Youngblood - ILL, Stacey Ewing - Info Commons Librarian, Gail Crawford - program assistant.
  7. Science Librarian interviews scheduled.
  8. Carol Turner - last day will be Sept. 28, actual retirement is Nov. 29. Shelley Arlen will be the interim.


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