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Support Services Meeting Notes
August 15, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver
Support Services
  1. Barbara laments that all of the computers in Business Services need to be repaired (due to the bad capacitors plaguing Dell GX170's).
  2. Do any of the departments represented here have any drastic influx in their need of OPS funds? No. Facilities will be reducing one OPS staff. It will be a sizeable reduction.
  3. The Library is in a budget crunch. Liability vs. cash-on-hand. Need to cut back where we can.
  4. Hopefully we've done our final faculty hiring for the year. Need to keep the faculty positions down.
  5. LAD - big move - $6-figure or more.
  6. We may get some bonuses back from PPD for a service we did not need - need to check back on it.
  7. Carol Whitmer (Ed) and Robena Cornwell (Music) reports that a program they run for Evelyn was showing work-study students as getting full pay (claiming as non-work study) - they were misclassified. Carol Whitmer is looking into it. The adjustment should save us money.
  8. The enhanced security awareness should be ending this week. The resolution seems to be leaning towards non-returnee.
  9. Badges - The supplies are here to make them. Will be issued for all staff and students. There will be a variety of options for wearing them. We'll pass them out at the Library Council meeting. The Department Heads can take it from there. A security committee recommended badges years ago. Public and Technical Services opposed it. Now it is primarily approved as a marketing ploy. Iona in Education has had her staff wearing badges with their name/title with no problems. If it is Library policy, it is a condition of employment - and staff will have to do it.
  1. Will has received a copy of the PO for the AD migration. He will fax it to Dell today and hopefully we can get it started in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Four machines were compromised on Friday afternoon. Three were Xerox print release stations.
  3. Dale's computer had an issue with the power settings - they defaulted back to the original settings.
  4. SysRequest - DLC asked for eight new workstations. They want them to replace the ones they are currently using that are out of warranty. They'd like more memory. Need further clarification.
  5. Facilities: print workstation to be replaced? On hold for now.
Business Services
  1. The LAD bid - has gone out. $111,000 plus change. Our estimate had it at $60,000. Lowes will pay us; we may break even.
  2. Ben is working on the big move back to West.
  3. OPS should be finished this week and we are balancing out Travel.
  4. We are also going over more budget items. New containers have been bought for ALF.
  5. We gave the go-ahead to finish the reupholstering of furniture on the first floor of Education. We are considering the lounge chairs. Need a new fabric estimate for the second floor.
  6. Fabric has been purchased for the chairs in West: $35,000 - it is part of the furniture cost.
  7. Need to pay $60,000 for wiring.
  1. We are trying to fill the HR position that Jill just vacated (Dolapo is currently temping). We've made a job offer, it appears to have been accepted.
  2. We are working on training and development set up. Also, development of goals.
  3. Brian met with Tom about improving the HR Web site.
  4. Brian is getting up to speed on sabbaticals & tenure.
  5. Brian is getting some interaction with the greater UF community and learning policy.
  6. Moving expenses for incoming faculty - has to be signed by the Director of Libraries, only.
  7. Need to work on getting Library property from terminated employees: keys, phones, fobs, credit cards, etc.


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