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Support Services Meeting Notes
August 20, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, John Ingram, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Nothing earth-shattering going on.
  2. Year-end report - we got the last part of the data. All positions are distributed now - until all the new students come aboard this week.
  3. We're redoing one of our purchasing files.
  4. General announcement: if you receive anything (orders), you need to send the packing slips to us the next day. We have to pay them promptly. Right now we are having a problem with the furniture in DLC. Barbara has spoken with Erich.
  5. Picking up of paper checks - need to designate two persons per department (primary and secondary) to pick up the checks (new staff and students) in Business Services. Person picking up is required to bring a UFID.
  6. Professional Development Travel - $50,000. Staff Developmental Travel funding has not been approved yet. There probably will be some money, but people should take a trip knowing that they may not get any compensation. Bill is working on a budget for Judy's approval.
  7. Final carry-forward for this year - not sure if the final report has been turned in. Staff re-class is being looked at.
  1. Pulled down one sconce in East.
  2. Terrazzo steps in East - the guy who works on them is booked until November. Rob will give him a call.
  3. The lights on the artwork have been replaced. They gave us some spares so we can change the lights next time.
  4. Facilities has installed about 40 domes on the West public desks - have about 30 more to go.
  5. Temperature survey in West - consistently low. Several calls have been made about it - now, Rib will call Bob Esling. John notes that he was in West on Saturday and the 3rd floor was quite warm. Facilities is trying to get the software installed to monitor the temperature in West.
  6. Rob will also call Bob about the temperature in Education - it is hot early in the day over there - they feel the air is shutting off at night. This should not be the case.
  7. Facilities has been working to move Marilyn Ochoa to Education and Suzanne Brown to HSSS.
  8. Bathroom facets in West - did adjustments on two downstairs - to make them remain on for a shorter duration. Barbara notes that the one in the women's handicapped bathroom on the 4th floor stays on too long. Facilities will continue making adjustments.
  9. Agotti furniture repair - they came and surveyed the furniture. The glass dividers have been breaking - they said they would put bolts through them. They did not do it to all of them. They said they put in larger screws. Rob found 75 chairs with loose seats - ranging from a little bit loose to falling off. Agotti has been notified and they are coming back.
  10. 450 East - have a PO for the carpet. Think we have a contractor arranged. The shelving is partially here.
  11. Preservation sink is here. Facilities is unable to do the install. We've asked PPD to get a contractor and give us a price.
  1. Haiyun Cao is applying for a grant for Korean books. She will be turning it in today.
  2. The Grant Committee program was good.
  3. The Town Meeting went well.
  4. Judy confirmed we'll get $30,000 from the Athletic Association again this year. Business Services will start moving money soon.
  1. We are working on a solution for the public failover problem. A folder was renamed and we will be testing it tonight. If it works with the new version, we will try to make the changes before school starts on Thursday.
  2. We are having trouble getting accurate inventory from departments. We have included department heads in our requests, but we may need assistance from the Directors.
  3. East network upgrade - the north tower was done this weekend - no reports of problems.
  4. Laptop batteries - Circulation had about six that were giving the warning message about the batteries reaching their end of life. They have about 30 laptops in all. We've talked to Dell and have come up with a possible solution, but we will probably make a point of stocking 3-4 laptop batteries, just in case.
  1. This afternoon, Brian will be attending the UF United Faculty Organization meeting. Joe Aufmuth is the new Library ombudsman, running a bargaining committee within the Library that is outside the UF bargaining committee.
  2. OPS student hiring training session - we decided that all listed positions will be able to distinguish Federal Work Study applicants.
  3. No word on Suzanne Brown's UFF release time.
  4. Science Technology Librarian search - we on working on it with the department.
  5. Convocation last week - went well - we are soliciting feedback. The committee's final meeting is tomorrow.


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