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Support Services Meeting Notes
August 21, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Current events - AFA losing power. Closing down - major feed. PPD fixing.
Business Services
  1. Dale agreed to buy new VCR/DVDs with building funds. Booth tables - shaky, wobbly. Need to be stabilized.
  2. People not getting completely paid - Barbara, Brian and Bill - time approval, payroll difficulties discussion.
  3. ILL - need to talk to Bill.
  4. Ben's order for software - site license bought and paid for - need $100,000 Sun server. Will sit on it until further notice.
  5. Judaica move discussed.
  6. Shelves at Butler to be given away.
  7. Systems painting has stopped. They did move than they were approved to do. Another guy can't do it for two more weeks.
  8. Barbara is leaving this Thursday and won't be back until August 12th.
  1. Paging interface - $4345 - go ahead and purchase it. It should be accessible from any phone in the building. Message to be sent out on a schedule.
  2. Security access levels.
  3. Publix cleanup - furniture left. Owners say it has to be swept - don't worry about it.
  4. Facilities would like some space out at ALF. Take space off loading dock - old stuff that people don't want will be tossed.
  5. Laptop for remote security monitoring - John has one to set the lights. Would need to figure out if it is possible, first. Security is on private VLAN. We'd have to talk to CNS to determine. Most likely will require special dial-up, special VPN. CNS says the security server has to be in West. The license for the security system is on Bill's computer.
  6. Office Supply - Mr. Paper - covers campus and would be glad to deliver to each department. We'd have to work on the accounting side of the operation.
  7. Card holders - lots of people want them. Need to get with Barbara Hood.
  8. New staff cards - Sonia shipped them out.
  9. Fire inspector response - the wall separating the Systems area with room 100 - the sprinkler is too close to the temporary wall.
  1. Rm 229 - Media Tech configured, but no power in the wall. The room is not set up correctly.
  2. We need to go ahead with the overhead projector near the circulation desk where there is a 42" cut out.
  3. Media Tech finished East, both classrooms are done - no inspection yet.
  4. Plasma screens - will need locks.
  5. High end public machines - redoing disks - should have it done by Wednesday. No Xerox printing on these machines.
  6. Xerox printers - server restarting on its own.
  1. Last Tuesday - OPS hiring and reporting - 40 minutes. People were not happy with the wait time.
  2. August 22 - West faculty open house. August 23 - student open house.
  3. Training - for use of the training room - need to go through Will. He'll have to show Brian, Trudi, etc. how to operate.
  4. Development officer interviews.
  5. The HR staff are all back.
  6. New faculty junket.
  7. UF and the faculty union can't agree on merit raises. UF will do a 3% across-the-board, but no merit. Faculty wants more input on evaluations.
  8. Brian Keith will be leading the Library efforts for the Community Campaign.
  9. Five faculty searches ongoing.
  10. OPS budget - rounded off and got rid of raise money. Took cash out of the Director's fund.


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