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Support Services Meeting Notes
August 22, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Brian Keith
  1. Discussion of nametags/marketing committee. Many people have not received them yet: Facilities and Business Services. Bill brought along extras.
  2. Compromised machines: four workstations. Sunday morning, Will received email notification. We are in the process of rebuilding one of the boxes. We hope the database restores without problem. Five more machines have apparently been compromised: LAC, JM, SC - we've taken them off the network until we can rebuild them.
  3. Liaison Program - Public Services would like us to drop it - transfer the FTE to Systems to hire enough people to cover all of the computing needs of the Library. The whole program was set up in a simpler time. The time for change has come. It is not viable for one repair tech to support 100 machines. This would be a major employment shift. We would need seven techs total. Supervisors would also be needed. This concept will be discussed. Should be doable with the FTE from liaisons.
  1. West construction is more or less on schedule.
  2. John Humphrey is out this week.
  3. No firm date on the LAD move to Publix. We are going with the first week in September for planning purposes. We need the money first, then the letter. There is a lot of furniture from the Law School left over in the Publix.
  4. The first storage container arrived this morning; more should show up this afternoon. We will double-deck them.
  5. New aluminum ladders have been received. One was damaged; it needs to be replaced.
  1. We tried to install Backup Exec in test mode - looks like it won't work. Will to speak with the vendor today. We need to take the current version offline - it is too vulnerable.
  2. Need to order Exchange 2003 for the AD conversion.
  3. Public workstation setup - installation procedure causing hold-ups.
  4. Five workstations compromised - they have to be wiped.
Business Services
  1. This week: need to get the lease out.
  2. Bills from last year to be paid - no word yet on carry forward.
  3. Travel committee has picked up everything - due date - may not spend all.
  4. Barbara has been appointed to the 34th Cultural Oversight Committee. Deals with the Harn and other institutions in the matter of traffic, exhibitions and policy.
  1. Hope to complete hires this week.
  2. Employee relations.
  3. Tenure.
  4. Tom Minton has been working with Brian on the HR Web site.
  5. Brian to meet with corporate HR at the Reitz Union, stadium and Academic Affairs.
  6. Brian received notification from UF Safety & Health committee. Denise Bogart used to be a participant as the Library representative. It was a three-year appointment. Brian will look into it.


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