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Support Services Meeting Notes
August 28, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Grace Strawn, Rob Roberts
  1. Setting up of merit raises - got recommendations from the department heads. We will do it the way the division wants to do it - 1% of all generated salaries and let the departments decide. The extra % will be used by the Directors to adjust as they see fit. Directors took a third of the merit raise off the top to use half of one percent for a contingency fund - it can only be used for raises. Bill has followed the directives from all department heads. Twelve people will be getting a merit raise as of this date. This is the first time we've had merit raises. We're trying to award those that deserve it. They must be entered into PeopleSoft by September 5th.
Business Services
  1. We are busy trying to finish up training Evelyn and Cynthia.
  2. We've put in a request so everyone can do payroll.
  3. We're breaking up some of Betty's tasks - back-up training. Her last day is December 31st.
  1. Systems painting - new crew should be finished today. We will get with the carpeting crew soon. We are putting new lighting in the hallways.
  2. 'Crush' factor in the compact shelving - directions are posted at the end of each shelf as to how to operate. We could fix place markers on the floor. Will talk about it with Dale. When resetting, always need to check the aisles.
  3. Carol wants Plexiglas signs - directional maps - for West.
  4. Review of security levels - need to do ASAP. We want the company guy there to do it and identify the pieces of hardware so we know what's up.
  5. Cleanup scheduled Wednesday morning at Publix. Need to look ahead of time and make sure it can be done in half a day or else get more help.
  6. Air handler knocked out of the floor in West - Semens to work on it.
  1. Server issues - NT4 - appeared dead. NT2R1 - today it had the same failure of drives. Will forced it online and it came up running. Lots of updates have been pushed. NT4 was forced online and it came back up, too.
  2. UFDC - development server couldn't find it's RAM.
  3. Media Tech - conference call at 1:30PM. Smart board in the training room is not set up. Confusion on the order.
  4. Enunciator - media Tech to install. Sara Gonzalez is ordering the equipment. Should ship in October. When Media Tech shows to install, will get them to finish the work in West.
  5. Room 229 West - still needs to be done: no outlets, etc.
  1. Normal HR stuff.
  2. Peter Miller is the new Facilities hire.
  3. Smart board - we would like it to be mounted.
  4. Floor outlet - staff room - hole in the floor.
  5. Training room 221 - laptops: liaison support? The system is broken. It's a question of which liaison could keep up with the 22 laptops. There is currently no HR liaison.
  6. Raise file - Grace is going to do it. Roles are done.
  7. Reconciling was really fun - just base - 40 departments. Brian and Grace will work on it.
  8. Name tags - Facilities to administer. Right now, HR has it. Will send the stuff to Facilities.


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