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Support Services Meeting Notes
August 29, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Rob Roberts, Brian Keith
  1. This week: personnel problem - proceeding at its own pace. No new developments since last week. Still unresolved. Issues are still being negotiated. This has been handled through the highest levels. Hopefully, the matter will soon come to a conclusion.
  2. Dolapo's temporary position - two interviews for it are scheduled this week, and one next Tuesday. The fourth potential candidate got a promotion, so it is only a pool of three.
  3. Health & Safety Committee - Brian got in touch with the folks that generated the list. He informed them that Denise is no longer working here, so they may not ask us to attend.
  4. Discussion of Keith's unusual tie.
  1. Saturday, Will received a call that a few workstations on the third floor were not working. A UPS was out - lost 20 workstations - we replaced the power supply and revived the machines.
  2. Doors - open again this weekend - Will was called. Facilities is the department to contact in that matter.
  3. Backup Exec - installed the demo version last week - license code problems. We can work around it, but there are still failures in the logs. The new version does not work so well with NT4.
  4. AD migration - scheduled to start 12 September. Should make life easier.
  5. Need to order Exchange 2003.
  6. Public workstation setup - Cynthia is working on two machines for Journalism. Hope to get them out this week.
  7. Bobbie is on vacation this week.
  1. Modify storage containers.
  2. DLC - grabbed some dismantled shelving from Publix and have laid claim. Facilities to deliver.
  3. Judaica is in need of shelving.
  4. No dumpster acquired for the LAD cleanout. Scheduled move for LAD: first week of September. Order of events: money from Lowes, first. Probably the second week of September. LAD move should not be bad. Law left a lot behind; will toss/keep according to needs.
  5. Wireless phones - we are leasing them - needed for stack area at ALF.
  6. Aluminum ladders - replacements on the way.
Business Services
  1. Overall budget for West: 6-figure.
  2. Things keep cropping up - the budget is going to be extraordinarily tight this year, as of this moment.
  3. The café issues: could be settled, one way or another, very soon.
  4. Library badges - UF ID card can be slipped in the back of the holder.


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