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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 10, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Winston Harris, Brian Keith, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. Verify Patron/Deep Freeze console issue - Amy & Logan are working on a solution. AD group policy change. Amy & Logan came in to work on it in West over the weekend, but they were locked out of the building.
  2. Amy is investigating what it would take to get the public machines converted to GatorLink sign-on - via campus AD.
  3. Equipment inventory - we'd like to ask Facilities to update the property decal numbers in IRDB. Bill Hanssen knows how to do it.
  4. McAfee - all working except auto updates from the server. The problem is with the push function. The topic of how often updates need to be pushed has been discussed recently.
  5. Laptop batteries - Will finally received a response from Dell. Turns out the rep we were working with is no longer working there. Cynthia will get a count of the number of batteries we need and they will get us replacements.
  6. SAN - should be converted by the end of the month.
  7. SMS is working well. The problem for zero-touch installation is not resolved.
  8. Winston, Carol Turner & Shelley Arlen had a brainstorming session with Bridges. There was an incident where a patron who was hired to teach adjunct in the fall. She was unable to gain privileges because she did not show up as a UF Faculty member. We could only assign her privileges as a visiting scholar. The woman was upset with the situation. Judy is interested in how we can provide access to people who are scheduled to teach upcoming classes. They can be given special affiliation if the department verifies their status. We would have to manage it. Semester-specific designations would work. Carol and Shelley are going to take the issue to committee.
  1. Grants Management Committee meets today. We will be finalizing the procedures for mini-grants.
  1. Directors agreed to form a committee to work on the policy and procedure for faculty recruitment. Hope to have it all in place by the end of the semester.
  2. UFCC is gearing up. There will be three primary events: potluck with agency testimonials, bake sale and silent auction. These will start in the middle of September and run to the beginning of October.
  3. Student employment rush is starting to taper off. We are contacting departments with students who are working but we do not have their current paperwork. We are getting a lot of terminations. According to current calculations, we are at a 3% higher spending rate with student hires right now. Not good. Be conservative with your OPS spending. Try to hire work study students.
  4. Brian has a committee meeting tomorrow.
  5. Brian will be out at training on Friday.
  1. DLC has hired their third intern - free labor!
  2. Journal club: 2.0 tokens - Endeca advertisement.
  1. Library East SE and SW stairwell towers - homeless people hanging out in there again. Rob will draw up some plans to make it less possible to climb over the gates.
  2. No word on the retrofitting of the sconces in East.
  3. Security guard doing an Exit light survey - Barbara Oliver told him not to do it as it was not his job.
  4. Facilities security workstation - we thought we could use John Humphrey's old machine, but it cannot be cloned. Everything has to be a fresh install.
  5. Peter has submitted his paperwork for Lutron training.
  6. Circ desk prototype should be here this week.
  7. West first floor entrance - hard to control the time - need to put a card swipe on it.
  1. There will be a minimum wage adjustment in January. We do have budget tightness. There is no sign of carry-forward money. We are trying to be very prudent about spending. Governor Crist is convinced he can wring a lot of money out of higher education. Our supply and OPS budgets will be scrutinized. We will have to spend out carry forward money from last year as it won't be here next year.
  2. We have received the budget from Central. It is reduced by one million dollars from last year. Anything we plan to spend is provisional.
  3. Strategic Planning - we are not going to go about it like we have in the past. We are not just going to list what each department has done and link it with the goals of the Library. There will be four big committees from outside the Libraries who will give us their input as to what they think the Libraries should be doing. Then, the Library staff will meet to discuss its 3-5 year plan. We want to give direction to what we are doing. We will eliminate our famous flexibility. We will determine a direction and enforce it. Hopefully, we will have a different outcome. This is an honest effort to get some information from different directions.


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