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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 11, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Grace Strawn, Rob Roberts
  1. The United Way charity campaign - UFCC. Designate a charity for your donations to go; it will go directly. United Way is not supposed to get any of it.
  2. There were several unfortunate incidents in the Library after the football game on Saturday - beer, etc. Housekeeping did not show until Sunday - bathrooms ran out of stock. May consider closing on game days.
  3. Estimated date for study carrels on the 4th floor? Tracks have been ordered. Current ones have to be replaced. The doors can't be open. The new tracks should hold them.
Business Services
  1. Monthly reports - closing reports - working on them in PeopleSoft.
  2. Time - Michelle Crump - unable to see the people she should be approving. Twelve people in Access Services - not approved. 15 students not approved. Special Collections had a few that were not approved. Problems come primarily with the exempt employees.
  3. Money distributed - $162,000 - Health Science Center - rebate supported.
  1. The Systems carpet is being installed today. It should take about 2-3 days. We will also be installing new lighting in the hallway. Need to get new fixtures for the new upstairs room.
  2. Waiting for a quote on the intercom paging for West. Each station that can access the paging system is required to have a $20 license. It will be password-protected by phone. It comes with a program to play a recording.
  3. There is a box in room 419 - it is a stand that needs to be returned to Dell. We're waiting on the RMA.
  4. Colleen was locked out of West over the weekend. She left her keys in the office. She is if Access Services could have a master key for West. No. UPD does have a master key if needed.
  5. Reports of a leaking window in the East end of West 3rd floor.
  6. Shelving - no sensor to detect when something is being crushed.
  7. DVD viewing booths - parts are here - need to try them out.
  8. Administration - old cabinets - Rob wants to use them to put in a sink in Facilities.
  9. Fountain is in the shop. Book movers need to pay. Biltmore to do the work.
  1. Web CT - new lock-down browsers that students can download to take tests. It is not anticipated to be a problem. If it proves troublesome, Systems may have to install.
  2. Working with Peter McKay on the Bloomberg machine. Ran into problems testing the one without Deep Freeze. It was supposed to work.
  3. Media Tech - Dell in room 229 - still waiting for the flat panel to be installed. They are coming in October to do the enunciator in MSL, so we'll have them do the flat panel at that time.
  4. There is a hole next to the MSL Ref desk that needs a 42" flat paneled monitor to fill it.
  5. Room 419 - need to mount the Smart Board. Also, the little box in room 211 has a loud fan that needs to be fixed/replaced.
  6. Paul Losch was inquiring why they have no wireless on the 4th floor as he would like them to have it. Once wall plate service is in service in East, then the whole building will be wireless.
  7. Judaica public workstation - set up for patrons - has to go on Xerox - Bill will speak to Yael - it may be a language support issue.


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