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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 12, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
  1. Web server outage over the weekend. Will came in and restarted it. Happened again on Sunday.
  2. Exchange server - down this morning. The anti-virus was storing two copies of everything - space became an issue. Once the copies were eliminated, the server came right back up.
  3. AD migration - scheduled for September 19. They will first survey our hardware, software and networking to make sure it is 2003 compatible - then the conversion process should begin. There will more than likely be some minor disruptions. Any major outages should take place over night or on the weekends.
  4. Security - the Secure system is working fine under XP. Second box is needed for Intellikey.
  5. Email attachment blocking has not really been working so well. Will figured out the problem.
  1. Ongoing employee problem - settlement offer received. Unknown if it will be accepted. No news to report on this matter. It is still unsettled; the employee is on administrative leave.
  2. Program assistant recruited and offer has been accepted: Tina Pruitt (from Health Center). Start date: Sept 23. She will have some on-the-job-training courtesy of Dolapo. Business Services should see the return of Dolapo soon thereafter.
  3. Spatial & Numerical Librarian as well as a Technical Librarian searches are underway.
  4. Sara Gonzalez and Carrie Newsome are new MSL librarians.
  5. Next Monday, September 19, 9:30-10:30AM: Lisa Hodges, UF Director of Benefits will do a presentation in L107 MSL. She will be speaking about the new health plans. She will respond to all questions. Brian Keith notes that he may be late for this next meeting, as he will be attending the presentation. Library HR is encouraging all to go - the changes/choices can really make a difference in your health care benefits. They are advising that you review the content of the changes online prior to attending. This is the first in a series of Open Enrollment talks.
  1. Things are going well with the LAD to Publix move. Date is the 20-something of September -maybe the 23rd? The group scheduled to do the move is tied up elsewhere right now. There are still no dumpsters available, but they should be there by this week. There is a lot of junk out there at Publix that needs to be tossed. The salvaged shelving has been delivered to DLC and Judaica. Discussion on what/where DLC plans on using the shelving. Need to make sure that Publix is ready - check on the phones and whether or not the Internet connection will be used.
  2. Library West - schedule to be finalized in the next day or two. Need to review signage. Carol Turner is supposed to handle that task. We may need to do temporary informational signage.
  3. VOIP - what next? Music/AFA. Robena called over the weekend - CNS was doing the switches.
  4. CNS has overcharged us in MSL. We need to get a rebate. Business Services will keep Rob in the loop to make sure we are getting billed correctly. Unknown if trunk line summaries are accurate. Once everything is converted to VOIP, there will be no trunk lines. The trunk line charges are supposed to come out automatically, but we have to check up on it. East will be the last to switch to VOIP. We are not ordering the lease for the CNS wireless phones that operate over VOIP. CNS should provide them - it is a question of money.
Business Services
  1. Sent over thing for financial statement - unfortunately, can't print out the ledger.
  2. Inventory
  3. We are current on invoicing and PO bills.
  4. Xerox meeting - Administration to make a decision soon. Trying to decrease our Xerox involvement - we're losing $10-$12,000 per month. Xerox may modify the contract. Should see no net impact - we'll operate the same. At most, Public Services may have to put paper in the machines.
  5. Business Services needs to know the exact dates on the LAD move. Need to do a month extension. Bill to call Ben to get the precise information.
  6. West - no answer on the café. Many just want us to hurry, put Starbucks in and shut up. Dales is still saying no. If Starbucks doesn't go in the Library, them it'll probably hit the Hub.
  7. Library Statistics to go out soon. ARL is way behind - usually they are requested in August. It is not urgent, just go ahead and do it. Any changes will be supplemental. Forms should be distributed soon. Will not be done via Web site, just hard copy.


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